Intelligent Systems Research Group

The intelligent systems research group was formed in the academic year 1999/2000. The ISRG's overall aim is to improve the quality of products, services and security issues by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to them. The group has improved a wide variety of IT-based systems, devices and software in domestic, medical and industrial products. Some examples of the group's research activities include:

  • big data research
  • bioinformatics research: applications of AI and ML techniques to biology and medicine
  • IT and cyber security research, such as steganography, cryptography, identity resolution, crowd-sourced data, mobile device security, cloud security, web server attacks, penetration testing, e-commerce security and policy, GDPR, cryptocurrency, dark net, social graph and many more
  • applications of AI and ML techniques to big data research, such as crowd-sourced data and geocomputation
  • data-mining and data warehousing, virtual learning environments (VLE), pattern recognition, natural language processing, cognitive science, biometrics and GIS database performance, parallel distributed systems, and agent-based approach for building data warehousing
  • applications of AI and ML techniques to robotics
  • advanced web technology and its applications (ie e-commerce, Content Management Systems, semantic web and web services, linguistic thesaurus)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming and Natural Language Processing
  • applications of AI and ML techniques to assisted living
  • modelling of the hydrodynamical flow in the UK rivers
  • identity resolution in data driven policing
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Professor Hassan Kazemian PhD FBCS FIET SMIEEE CEng MINNS

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