Partners and projects

The Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC) is involved with several European partners on the EU SPIRIT project. The project aims to develop a sense-making computational framework for resolving identity using extracted web entities and existing policing data. Professor Hassan Kazemian, Dr Michael Phillips (Postdoctoral Researcher), Subeksha Shrestha (sponsored PhD student) and Asif Nawaz (PhD student) contribute to work on research methodologies for identity resolution on policing datasets and extracted data from web crawlers and natural linguistic programming (NLP). This work was also contributed to by former postdoctoral researcher, Mohammadhossein Amirhosseini.

The SPIRIT project involves 17 research organisations and police force from nine countries across Europe including Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. A team of Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity experts from London Metropolitan University has successfully completed its second year in 2020-2021, see screenshot of the WebEx meeting with EU reviewers.

screenshot of a computer screen with WebEx meeting with 18 EU reviewers

Image: screenshot of WebEx meeting with EU reviewers

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