The most important research grant challenge that the Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC) has been involved with is the new Horizon 2020 European Grant. The ISRC, as part of a consortium of 17 EU partners, began working on the grant in August 2018. The grant is worth five million euros, distributed between 17 partners, resulting in around 326,000 euros for Professor Hassan Kazemian's research contribution at the ISRC.

The impact of this research is very significant to the British economy, security, public health and the community, as the main initial beneficiaries are West Midlands Regional Police and Thames Valley Police. The results of the project will help the Centre contribute to new publications, underlining London Met’s standing as a centre of excellence for artifical intelligence and machine learning security research in European and world security. 

Obtaining such a grant would be considered a major achievement for any research-active university. Obtaining grants helps to take research work further, providing a continuous increase in the level of research and research income, adding value to the Centre and the University.