Hidden Depths
This is a collaborative project with partners in the Rape Crisis (RC) sector funded under the ESRC's Secondary Analysis of Existing Datasets II 2013 call. The project will combine two key elements.
Firstly, CWASU will work with partners to develop and conduct in-depth analysis of a previously unavailable dataset, which includes approximately 10,000 victim-survivors seeking support from Rape Crisis Centres (RCCs) about recent sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse. This will be extended to include data from additional RCCs over the course of the project.
Secondly, we will build capacity in the RC sector to improve the quality of future data collection and maximise use of findings from data analysis. We will hold three workshops with a working group of RCC staff responsible for data management. These will inform the analysis and reflections on the research findings, whilst also exploring how RCCs can improve data collection processes and use their own data more effectively in service planning, awareness raising and policy work.
The project's research staff are: Professor Liz Kelly and Joanna Lovett.