Using psychological interventions to promote face covering during the COVID-19 pandemic

26 January 2021

Wearing a face covering during the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly become part of everyday life. But compliance is varied. In this seminar Dr Dom Conroy presented a theory-based psychological intervention designed to promote adherence to wearing face coverings during the COVID-19 pandemic among participants primarily consisting of London-based Higher Education students.

In this presentation Dr Comroy described mental imagery interventions, which are low-cost, well-evidenced behaviour change interventions. Imagery interventions demonstrated as efficacious in a range of health-related settings. 

The seminar was concluded by suggesting that imagery-based interventions to increase face covering wearing adherence may exert significant public health effects but only when conducted on a very large scale. Intervention findings suggest that interventions should target men and disrupt habitual past behaviour. Within this presentation Dr Comroy explored some of the current options available for recording COVID-19 protective measures in survey research.


Dr Dom Conroy, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the School of Social Sciences and Professions


Professor Yolanda Eraso, Director of Centre for Primary Health and Social Care

a crowd of people wearing masks

Photo credit: Oğuz Kandemir via Pexels

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