Conduct of a trial in community pharmacy: challenges and implications

13 January 2021

In this seminar Professor Duncan Stewart and Michelle Watson presented an overview of their experiences of conducting a pilot trial of an alcohol intervention delivered by community pharmacists in routine medicine review services.

The emphasis was on the practicalities of doing the research in this setting, where the pressures of time and finance are ever-present concerns for practitioners and/or business owners.

They discussed the trial process, from recruitment to follow-up, and what the findings might mean for future trials of public health interventions in this and other community-based health services.


Professor Duncan Stewart, Professor of Applied Health Research, Centre for Primary Health and Social Care

Michelle Watson, Research Fellow, University of York


Professor Yolanda Eraso, Director of Centre for Primary Health and Social Care

an entrance to pharmacy

Photo credit: Markus Winkler via Unsplash

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