Fifth Interdisciplinary Health and Wellbeing Research Conference

The Centre for Primary Health and Social Care hosted the fifth Interdisciplinary Health and Wellbeing Research Conference on 25 February 2022.

The event took place online and featured a wide range of papers from exploring experiences of vulnerable groups in London communities, to understanding urban rewilding and perceptions of patients with chronic pain to problematising father engagement.

The programme for the day included:

TimePaper titleSpeakers
10.00am Welcome Kelly Cooper and Professor Yolanda Eraso
Session one: Vulnerable groups in London communities.
10.15am Understanding diverse LGBTQI+ communities in times of COVID-19: a mixed methods study. Dr Lakis Zervoulis
10.35am A collaborative scoping project to find out if Dementia Care Mapping is more effective when using Forum Theatre in its feedback process. Alison Backhouse
Session two: Developmental and mental health needs.
11.15am The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on health of children with dyspraxia/developmental coordination disorder. Lorraine Lynch
11.35am Providing a safe place for young people within a violent context. Dr James Alexander
11.55am Relational interventions for gang-associated young people's mental health. Lakhita Uppal
Session three: Health behaviours.
1.30pm A systematic review of factors influencing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in patients with multiple sclerosis. Fazala Rashid
1.50pm Wildways: Understanding urban rewilding behaviour in relation to adaptations to private gardens. Professor Justin Webb
Session four: Health and work
2.30pm Health barriers to employment for BAME communities and individuals in the London Borough of Islington.

Dr Jane Lewis

Patrick Mulrenan

2.50pm Provider perceptions and experiences of working with people who suffer with chronic pain. Raquel Chinchetru
Session five: Educational approaches
3.30pm An interdisciplinary approach to health and wellbeing - an example from London Met. Dr Uzma Siddiqui
3.50pm Learning from LADS: Problematising father engagement as part of Social Work education. Kevin Brazant


View from Holloway Road on Graduate Centre and Tower Building

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