Partnership & Networks

Our work focuses on topical and real world concerns, ensuring our whole profile is outward looking and fit for purpose through close partnership working and networks. This includes undertaking research, consultancy and evaluation on behalf of, or with others and working with employers to custom design training or education to meet particular staff needs or the needs of others. The range of communities, agencies, professional and funding bodies we work with is indicative of our core strengths in innovative design, delivery and quality of outcomes as well as expertise in evaluation. Our partners include a wide range of eminent institutions and government agencies and specialist and community groups:

African Youth Foundation 

Barnet Patient and Public Involvement Forum
We have worked with the Forum which is an independent statutory body to deliver a discrete project to Access and Quality: The Experience of GPs in Barnet.

British Council

Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health
The Commission funded the Access and Quality: The Experience of GPs in Barnet.

Department of Health
A unique one year funded project to promote Service Users Involvement to meet standard 3 of the NSF, commissioned by the National Diabetes Support Team and undertaken in collaboration with Diabetes UK. 

Department for International Development

Diabetes UK
A collaborative Department of Health funded project to increase Service Users Involvement in Diabetes services in the NHS in England. The work has developed a number of useful products namely paper and online resources to implement service user involvement and provide quality checks against the NHS plan and the NSF for Diabetes.

Economic and Social Research Council

Health and Care Professional Council
Working with the HPC to maintain standards, quality and approval of Supplementary Prescribing programmes for allied health professionals.

Institute of Health Care Management 
We have worked with the IHM over many years and in particular with regards to accreditation of the MA Health and Social Care Management.

Medical Research Council (MRC)


NHS London
We have a long history of working with our partners in the NHS to designing and delivery training to their qualified and support staff working in the acute sectors.

Nursing and Midwifery Council                                                                                                                                                                     
Work with the professional body to maintain approval of all professional programmes offered and with respect to annual monitoring to assure quality.

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Strategic Health Authority

Joseph Rountree Foundation

Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Work with the professional body to maintain approval of Independent and Supplementary Prescribing programmes for pharmacists.

Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health

South Essex NHS Partnership Foundation Trust

Wellcome Trust

World Health Organization (WHO)