Our Values
  • Viewing health from the perspective of social justice and human rights being both person centred and socially inclusive. 
  • Helping people situate health in its social context and empowering them. 
  • Defining ‘Primary’ as meaning where we start thinking in the first instance, irrespective of whether it is in primary, secondary or tertiary care setting.
  • Educating people to engage critically with the process of empowering people towards a socially inclusive strengths perspective across health and social care.
  • Being committed to inter-professional learning and working. 
  • Adopting a strengths perspective rather than helping people with problems and deficits incorporating empowerment through user involvement, expert patients and direct payments and community empowerment.
  • Focussing on well-being. This means both preventive (keeping people well) and long terms conditions maintained to keep people in their own home. It is a combination of public health promotion and prevention. 
  • Providing an interactive learning environment that enables students to reach their potential.