Our Contribution to Public Health

At our Centre we have developed a number of partnership projects, research, training and professional programmes to strengthen the knowledge, skills and understanding of practitioners and our students in and across public health. Additionally, working with expert colleagues across the University, we provide be-spoke services to help improve the health and wellbeing of the student and staff population. This encompasses weight loss obesity, smoking and exercise programmes. Together with our research platform, this makes a major contribution towards being both a Healthy University and a Health Promoting University.

Our international partnerships and ongoing projects with the City University of New York (CUNY) and University of the Western Cape (UWC) in South Africa are forging news ways to collaborate and develop strategies that are sustainable for long term public health gains within and across the respective communities. 

Clinical Skills Room

Last year academic year the Community Heath team took possession of the Clinical Skills Room. This is the old print room in Ladbroke House situated at the back of the building on the lower ground floor, Room BM2. I convene the Management of Minor Conditions Course, the Management of Long Term Conditions and am also Pathway Leader for the Nurse Practitioner Programme and on all these courses we teach a range of clinical assessment and examination skills such as ear, nose, throat and chest examination, abdominal examination and palpation and consultation skills. These sessions demand a range of teaching and learning materials as well as space in which to demonstrate and practice clinical examination. Up until last Semester it has been very difficult to do all of this in 
the classrooms at LH as all have windowed doors. A group of Nurse Practitioners during one session this year had to blank out the window, lock the door and lie on the floor in order to learn how to examine and palpate the abdomen!

With the Clinical Skills Room we now have space to house our growing range of anatomical models, examination tools, anatomical posters can be on permanent display and the room can be arranged to set up a professional consultation setting to rehearse consultation skills. Workshop activities can be set up in advance with all the supporting learning materials in one place. We await the arrival of an examination couch and mobile folding screens to truly mimic the primary care settings where these students are on their clinical placements. I also encourage the Practice Educators to use this space to practice their teaching skills and/ or rehearse their presentations. The Clinical Skills Room is a quiet and secluded space; it is an ideal learning and teaching environment where students have 
time and quiet to reflect on their learning and can practice new skills without interruption. Although no formal evaluation has been gathered yet Visiting Lecturers are impressed with the development and the privacy that the room offers and the students also welcome the new learning space.