Student Works

 Pendant Perfume by Maria Gower
Pendant Perfume

3D Studio 1  

 Absrtact Floral by ANON
Absrtact Floral

3D Studio 2 

 Toynbee seating by Sowon Lee
Toynbee seating

3D Studio 3 

 Test Cups (Coathooks) by Isabel Farchy
Test Cups (Coathooks)

3D Studio 4 

 Mottle Stool by Narinda Minnaar
Mottle Stool

3D Studio 4 

 Loom Lovers by Florina Florescu
Loom Lovers

3D Studio 5 

 Design for Hillarys Blinds by Anna Page
Ddesign for Hillarys Blinds

3D Studio 6 

Cass 3D

BA (Hons) Fashion; BA (Hons) Furniture and Product Design; FdA Furniture; BA (Hons) Jewellery and Silversmithing; BA (Hons) Textile Design

“Our students have the freedom to explore their ideas without the constraints of the marketplace. They are encouraged to exhibit a healthy distrust of establishment norms. It is almost a duty to rebel, subvert and challenge assumptions about what is possible. Given their shared interest in creating objects designed for ‘use’, our 3D courses actively question the boundaries between disciplines with cross­project opportunities for students.” Marianne Forrest, Head of Cass 3D

Show One

Friday 10 June – Saturday 18 June

Private view: Thursday 9 June, 6.30-10pm

The exhibition will feature work from students taking undergraduate courses including Animation, Fashion, Film, Fine Art, Furniture, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interiors, Jewellery and Silversmithing, Music Technology, Musical Instruments, Photography, Product Design, and Textile Design.

Film and Animation students will screen their work at an event called Final Cuts 2016 at the British Film Institute (BFI) Southbank on 16 June from 2pm. The event is free but tickets are limited so booking is essential.

Additional shows

From 10 – 18 June 2016, students from our short and professional development courses will exhibit their upholstery work at our Commercial Road building. From 12 June – 2 July 2016, students from our four foundation/extended degree courses will exhibit their work in the Bank Gallery.

Exhibition details

Private view Thursday 9 June, 6.30pm
Dates Friday 10 – Saturday, 18 June
Times Monday – Friday: 10am-7pm
Saturday 11 June: 10am-6pm
Saturday 18 June: 10am-4pm
Sunday: 11am-4pm
Venue The Cass, Central House, 3rd floor
Follow @TheCassArt

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