Student Works

 'Combined Amplifier'
Amplifier Project, Cass Foundation, Architecture and Interior Design

Extended Degree Architecture and Interior Design 

 Carly Breame, 'Bowl'
'Bowl' by Carly Breame, ceramic

Extended Degree in Art and Design 

 Rebeka Kitchoukova, 'Spoon Hat'
Rebeka Kitchoukova, 'Spoon Hat'

Extended Degree in 3D-Fashion,Textiles & Jewellery 


Extended degree in Film, Media & Music 

Cass Foundation

Extended Degree Architecture & Interior Design; Extended Degree Art & Design; Extended Degree Fashion, Textiles, Jewellery, Product & Furniture; Extended Degree Film, Media & Music

“It is a kind of gateway to the rest of The Cass and once you’re through it, there are many different things here. What’s absolutely unique to us is it’s a real cauldron of creative practice. I know when I’ve been around The Cass more recently, I’ve passed rooms where some very interesting and exciting things are happening.”

Chianna Roberts, Head of Cass Foundation

“We’ve got this hybrid activity that’s pretty unique, I think.”

John Coleman, Art and Design Extended Degree Course leader

Show 1

Friday 12 June - Saturday 20 June

Private View Thursday 11 June 6.30 - 10pm

Animation, Film, Fine Art, Photography, Music Technology, Musical Instrument, Graphic Design, Illustration, Extended Degrees.

Film and Animation students will screen their work at an event called FINAL CUTS 2015 at BFI Southbank on the 17th June from 2pm.

Show 2

Friday 26 June - Saturday 4 July

Private View Thursday 25 June 6.30 - 10pm

Architecture (Undergraduate and Postgraduate), Fashion, Furniture, Interiors, Jewellery and Silversmithing, Product Design, Textile Design, Extended Degrees.

Exhibition details

Private View Thursday 11 June, 6.30pm
Dates Friday 12 - Saturday 20 June
Times Monday-Friday: 10am-7pm
Saturday 13 and 27 June: 10am-6pm
Saturday 20 June and 4 July: 10am-4pm
Sunday: 11am-4pm
Venue The Cass, Central House, 1st Floor

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