Student Works

 William Burgess, 'Malagueira'
Malagueira, A Good House - Beyond Objectness

Unit 1, Professional Diploma 

 Eiko Kizu, 'Houses for Sweetwater'
Houses for Sweetwater -evening image

Unit 2, Professional Diploma 

 Alice Verge, 'From Copan Roof'
From Copan Roof

Unit 3, Professional Diploma 

 Team Heliomet, 'Mycelium Bricks'
Mycelium Bricks

Unit 4, Professional Diploma 

 Robert Johnson, 'A corridor of green'
A corridor of green. Pragati Nagar, a slum settlement on the edge of Kathmandu on reclaimed flood lands beside the airport.

Unit 6, Professional Diploma 

 Sarah Henry, Ethan Ly & Kristina Reingoldt, 'St Ivo Alla Sapienza, Francesco Borromini'*
'St Ivo Alla Sapienza, Francesco Borromini. Photograph by David Grandorge.

Unit 7, Professional Diploma 

 Jamie Eden, 'Model'

Unit 9, Professional Diploma 

 Primitive Hut Competition
Primitive Hut model

Unit 10, Professional Diploma 

 Joanna Gorringe Minto, 'Somerset House Sectional Cast'
Somerset House Sectional Cast

Unit 11, Professional Diploma 

 James Bailey, 'Street model'
Street model

Unit 12, Professional Diploma 

 Samuel Wheeler, 'Ebbsfleet Arboretum' CAD Image
Ebbsfleet Arboretum, CAD Image

Unit 13, Professional Diploma 

 Andrea Arianese, 'Origins of Architecture'
Origins of Architecture, Collage

Unit 14, Professional Diploma 

 Anna Webster, 'House in Ghana'
House in Ghana

Free Unit, Professional Diploma 

 Cass Cities Unit
Cass Cities Unit

MA Spatial Planning and Urban Design 

Cass Architecture: Postgraduate

Professional Diploma in Architecture RIBA Part 2 (now Architecture RIBA 2 MArch); MA Spatial Planning and Urban Design (now Architecture and Urbanism MA)

“It is socially engaged. It is architecturally relevant. Something that pertains to the current culture, current facilities, current ideas.”

Nate Kolbe, Course Leader, Professional Diploma in Architecture (now Architecture RIBA 2 MArch)

“I find it particularly important that students experiment while they are studying, in order to change the profession, from the bottom up.”

Sandra Denicke-Polcher, Deputy Head of School of Architecture

Show 2

Friday 26 June - Saturday 4 July

Private View Thursday 25 June 6.30 - 10pm

Architecture (undergraduate and postgraduate), Fashion, Furniture, Interiors, Jewellery and Silversmithing, Product Design, Textile Design, Extended Degrees.

In parallel with Show 2 there will be an exhibition at our Commercial Road building of work from our Modern and Traditional Upholstery students.


*Image credit for Unit 7: 'St Ivo alla Sapienza, Francesco Borromini, 1642-60'. Cast iron model by Sarah Henry, Ethan Ly & Kristina Reingoldt. Photograph by David Grandorge.

Exhibition details

P.V. Thursday 25 June 6.30 - 10pm 
Dates  26 June - Saturday 4 July 2015
Times Monday - Friday: 10am-7pm
Saturday 27 June: 10am-6pm
Saturday 4 July: 10am-4pm
Sunday: 11am-4pm
Venue The Cass, Central House

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