MSc Architecture Energy and Sustainability

Course led by Dr Luisa Brotas.

About the show

“The sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building.” Louis Kahn

This course provides specialist knowledge in a variety of subjects that are mainstream to low energy design towards truly sustainable development. Particular emphasis is given to state of the art technologies, regulations and important issues towards a green agenda. Practical and theoretical grounding is given in a list of topics that include climate change, sustainability, passive and renewable solutions, energy efficiency, daylight and artificial lighting, visual and thermal comfort of the occupants, indoor air quality and the environmental impact of materials, buildings and the development of sustainable cities. Students acquire skills to promote and design buildings that are aesthetically interesting, low energy and comfortable to the occupants.

Examples presented represent technical studies adopted to substantiate design solutions, proposals for refurbishment a school building and dwellings and the development of new low energy design.

Péter Bodola: Optimise for passive solar techiniques

Exhibition details

P.V. Tuesday 16 September 2014, 6-10pm
Opening Wed 17 - Sat 20 September 2014
Times Wed-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 11am-5pm
Venue Central House
Course Architecture, Energy and Sustainability (MSc)

Students' work

 Péter Bodola - Optimise for passive solar techiniques
Péter Bodola

Small family house, Balatonszölős, Hungary 

 Péter Bodola - Mass studies
Péter Bodola image

Small family house, Balatonszölős, Hungary 

 Luis Diaz - Summer solstice facade renderings
Luis Diaz

Tower block in London, UK 

 Luis Diaz - Sunlight availability sensitive analysis for different building mass proposals, London
Luis Diaz Image


 Luis Diaz - Sunpath diagrams with sunlight availability for different orientations, London
Luis Diaz Sunpath Diagram


 Ana Petrovska
Ana Petrovska Lecture room Central House London UK

Lecture room Central House, London, UK 

 Ana Petrovska - Luminance rendering
Ana Petrovska

Lecture room Central House, London, UK 

 Ana Petrovska - No sky line, section, lecture room
Ana Petrovska No sky line section lecture room Central House London UK

Central House, London, UK 

 Luis Diaz - Daylight distribution at lecture room
Luis Diaz Daylight distribution

Central House, London, UK 

 Luis Diaz - Existing lecture room layout and the proposed
Luis Diaz Lecture room artificial lighting

Artificial lighting and artificial and daylight 

 Ivanina Koleva
Ivanina Koleva

False colour HDR photograph 

 Sonia Khan
Sonia Khan Thermal Imagining

Thermal imaging survey, fifth floor Central House 

 Sonia Khan
Sonia Khan Primary energy consumption versus benchmarks

Primary energy consumption versus benchmark 

 Ana Petrovska
Ana Petrovska Room 3d model and luminance rendering with RADIANCE

Room 3d model and luminance rendering 

 Ivanina Koleva
Ivanina Koleva Luminance rendering with contour lines

Luminance rendering with contour lines 

 Péter Bodola
Péter Bodola Luminance false colour image

Luminance false colour image with window blind 

 Péter Bodola
Péter Bodola zone operative and adaptive comfort temperature

Zone operative and adaptive comfort temperatures 

 Carlos Val
Carlos Val End use energy demand

End use energy demand distribution (EnergyPlus) 

 Carlos Val
Carlos Val Annual operative temperature distribution

Annual operative temperature distribution 

 Carlos Val
Carlos Val Office room rendering with Dialux

Office room rendering with Dialux, London, UK 

Dr Luisa Brotas (Course Leader)
Prof Fergus Nicol
Dr Axel Jacobs
Dr Anis Abou-Zaki
Asif Din
Aritz Moriones
Graham Philips

Péter Bodola
Luis Diaz
Sonia Kahn
Ivanina Koleva
Ana Petrovska
Carlos Va