MA Architectural History Theory & Interpretation

Course led by Dr Ines Weizman.

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MA Architectural History, Theory and Interpretation


In the various modules of this course in 2013/14 we continued to examine the relationship between buildings, spaces and history. Students investigated different themes and case studies to advance the critique and analysis of architecture and the city through their own expertise and research interests. They looked at architectural history through direct encounters with its objects, and the history of architectural history through interdisciplinary texts, both contemporaneous and contemporary to reflect upon forms of knowledge about the city, its various representations and mis-representations and their impact on the public realm. Through site visits, participation in conferences, film screening, archival research and workshops we tried to look beyond the professional and epistemic boundaries of architecture and to capture the wide spectrum of possibilities for a reflective practice. With this ambition we tried to take an interdisciplinary approach to science, law, philosophy, literature and visual culture, towards rethinking and writing architecture for contemporary times.

Course leader:

Dr Ines Weizman

Module leaders in 2013/14

Introductory modules set out various methodological and conceptual frameworks.

Core modules:

  • Histories
, Nabil Ahmed
  • Theories, Aleks Catina
  • Interpretation, Dr. Ines Weizman

Later options allowed the exploration of more specialised areas, including urban theory, architecture and film, the question of technology, and poetry and architecture.

Option modules:

  • Concepts of Space, Dr. Ines Weizman
  • Forgetting of Air, Nabil Ahmed
  • Soundscapes of Modernity, Joseph Kohlmaier
  • Cinema and the City, Hector Arkomanis
  • Writing about Architecture, Dr. Emilio Distretti
  • The Problem of Irony, Aleks Catina
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Course Architecture History, Theory and Interpretation (MA)

Gerald Coope
Rosella Scalia
Gordon O’Connor-Read
Davud Farzullayev

Diana Periton (External Examiner)
Dr. Hellen Mallinson (for her continuous support and advise she offered to the course)