Studio 1: Hoard/ Record/ Collate

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This studio explores the photographic image and its relationship to text in our contemporary state of information overload – Level 6 students pursued a personal Final Major Project under this general theme, together with placements, competitions and live briefs and/or the Level 5 ‘spine’ of projects including I Am A Hoarding – text + body pieces ;  The Collector –based around imagery & text de-composed from the John Fowles novel; and Containing Noise – looking at  the forms of contemporary music packaging and myth.

studio 1 : hoard / record / collate – adventures in photography

Overview : Photography is the primary means of image-production within the commercial field of graphic design and illustration-practice and the contemporary world- it is so ubiquitous as to almost be invisible and has a crucial relationship to text [and therefore] narrative - linear or non-linear. To have a practical experience of the field of production, art-direction, dissemination, interpretation and use of photography within our field is absolutely central. In this world of information overload, of rapid production and consumption –we have all become hoarders, recorders and collectors whether we want to or not.----clothes, e-mails, books, Facebook profiles, bills, coke-cans, photographs themselves - image-banks of them- vinyl or digital music collections, databases, computer-files, dolls, piercings, scars Etc. Collecting can be a delightful obsession. Hoarding can be a medical condition. Both have environmental implications. We are defined to a great degree by our patterns of consumption and our understanding of contemporary culture is refined through these collections. Our industry critics last year commented upon the importance of students being confident in working with text--- the authoring of written content - in relation to images and the understanding of language as a communication tool.

Projects : Level 5 + Level 6 students have taken part in a short introductory project entitled I Am A Hoarding - dealing with consumption and their own body [ or discreet parts of it ] –this involved taking photographs of their own bodies bearing text statements, going to a print-house to see the photo-print pro- cess in action, getting a free print and these forming an instant exhibition. Level 5 [and some Level 6] then started a project The Collector – initially working on image / text pieces featuring their own personal collections and re-workings of a given text - an extract from the John Fowles’ novel The Collector. These initial pieces will be further developed into ‘an artist’s book’ after the Xmas break. Level 6 worked on their Final Major Project under the hoard / record / collate / theme, as well as tackling either RSA or Society of Illustrator Competitions and arranging placements- inc at Nike, DNX Marketing, Glazier Design and various practitioner’s studios. 

Trips and visits : A large part of the initial research stage has been a series of trips and visits including location shooting---including - to Dave Lucken’s Print-Space for demonstration and print-production; Geffirye Museum; Whitechapel Gallery; Childhood Museum; Uncertain States –Photography Talks, Series Cat & Mutton; Four Corners Galley – Heather McDonough Vanishing Presence exhibition; Maureen Paley Gallery – Wolfgang Tillmans show; Museum of Brands and Packaging; V&A temporary contemporary photographers + permanent collection; Uncertain States Group Show, Bank-Space; Jan Švankmajer at Brighton University –The Inner Life of Objects; + Phoenix Gallery, Brighton; Brighton Photo Fringe exhibition and the Sound Art Exhibition at The Engine Room. Morley Gallery.

Talks and demonstrations –: including Male & Female Narratives; Adventures with Text, Exploring Narrative, double-page-spreads; Storyboarding With Purpose; The Line: + practitioner talks inc Dougie Wallace.

From a book about multiple identities.

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P.V. Tuesday 10th June, 6-10pm
Opens Wed 11th - Sat 21st June
Venue Central House (4th floor)
Studio Studio 1: Hoard/ Record/ Collate
Course Graphic Design BA (Hons)
Illustration BA (Hons)


 Hairy Nipple

By Josephine Nilsson 

 Underlying Layers

By Rosie Spurdens 


By Shaema Shibli 

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