BA (Hons) Illustration Degree Show

Show overview

The BA Illustration course at The Cass has achieved another extremely successful year. Once again our students have profited from a distinct range and thematic approach to visual communication within commercial illustration. Our students have investigated a diverse variety of illustration themes exploiting the full vocabulary of traditional and digital technologies, all within their dedicated studios: these student-focused environments include narrative and storytelling, editorial and persuasive advertising, fictional authorship and conceptual art, to name but a few, each encouraging a highly personal understanding in observing, recording and visualizing the stories of our complex culture and society.
During this academic year students were continually encouraged to move between conventional illustration and modern graphic communication, enabling a rich and enthusiastic learning environment with particular emphasis on observational and expressive drawing, screen-printing, printmaking, bookbinding, letterpress, through to industry-standard digital and 3D illustrative practices.

This Summer Show 2014 is a celebration of the outstanding work produced by our talented BA Illustration students.

Image: Barbican Illustrations Research by Carly Pater

Exhibition Details

P.V. Tuesday 10th June, 6-10pm
Opens Wed 11th - Sat 21st June
Venue Central House (4th floor)
Course Illustration BA (Hons)

The BA Illustration course at The Cass encourages a personal, imaginative and reflective approach to visual communication. This years Summer Show 2014 demonstrates once again a distinct range of approaches to the creation of images; students establishing through their work the ability to perceive, challenge and exhibit a clear understanding of the signs and meanings of visual language associated with commercial illustration, intellectually and practically.

Our BA Illustration Summer show 2014 is a excellent opportunity to view the creative and innovative work by our level two and graduating students; on display is an incredible range of visual work that informs commercial practice through the interrogation of both graphic communication and conventional illustrative approaches. Undoubtedly, a showcase of student work that demonstrates an individual tone of voice that identifies and expands upon current professional boundaries.

The collection of work has been constructed within our newly established and dedicated studios in which students experience a broad scope of illustrative practice exploiting the full vocabulary of traditional and digital technologies. Each studio being lead by a dedicated team of practitioners including Bruce Ingman - winner of the prestigious Mother Goose Award - and commercial illustrators such as Laura Carlin – the Quentin Blake Prize winner two years in a row and Sam Piyasena – winner of the Type Directors Club Award for his collaboration with Yoko Ono and Why Not Associates for the animated TV trailer for BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. 

These newly formed studio settings enabled BA Illustration students to investigative their own approach towards a personal, imaginative and reflective styling across all levels of the course. 

Our graduating students have also been involved within international competitions such as the V&A, Penguin, RSA, Design and Art Direction Awards, AOI and many more; also associated with well-established professional partnerships ranging from Google Hub to The Barbican, to name but a few. 

Our level one students have again had a successful year having a close relationship with the BA Graphic Design programme, a Year Long umbrella project entitled 'Memory Palace' based on the concept of a 15th Century mnemonic device. This concept was used to introduce them to a wide range of technical and conceptual approaches - including exploring different typefaces; Modernist Design principles, grids, photography, typologies, typography, drawing and print techniques, one day projects, lectures on Modernism and Post-Modernism, the notion of the studio, the notion of 'the author', visits to The Design Museum, Science Museum, V&A, Pick Me Up at Somerset House and The British Library; dark-room photography; studio photography, the computer-suite [Photoshop]; typographic de-construction, illustrative techniques; an introduction to semiotics and de-coding imagery; letterpress and screen-printing amongst other activities -delivered through a combination of studio practice, talks and rotating workshops and a series of on-going mini-projects. 

On completion of their year, our students are equipped with the skills and attributes required to succeed in the complex and varied world of Illustration or postgraduate education; the work on display is a celebration of new creative talent as our students take their first steps into the professional industries. 

Private View: Tuesday 10th June 6pm-10pm

Opening times: Wednesday 11th - Saturday 21st June
Mon-Fri 10am-7pm
Sat 11am-6pm
Sun 11am-4pm

Central House (4th floor)
59-63 Whitechapel High Street
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