Studio 4: Assorted Jewels

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The Studio provides opportunities for internal and external presentations and exhibitions to a wider audience. The Studio teaches a diverse range of professional but original explorations. These explorations represent the students’ ambition, ideas and their potential in the chosen field of future practice. 

This year, Assorted Jewels allowed participants to explore their own hinterland in order to discover individuality through the use of different forms, materials, techniques and stories. This has been achieved through the development of a tacit understanding of the students’ own vocabulary, exploring with 2+3D, materials, functions and aesthetics. 

Students have been asked to do a variety of affluent and in-depth experiments, they learnt how to use different methods of testing and making from a given group brief, and had to negotiate with each other to produce self-directed individual pieces or bodies of work.

It is only when making is informed by the mixing up of different processes, methods and strategies, as well as an awareness of possible choices that outcomes can develop into ‘Jewels’. 

Assorted Jewels


P.V. Tuesday 10th June, 6-10pm
Opens Wed 11th - Sat 21st June
Venue Central House (4th floor)
Studio Studio 4: Assorted Jewels
Course Jewellery and Silversmithing BA (Hons)


 Studio 4


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By Eleanor Corp 



 Studio 4


Private View: Tuesday 10th June 6pm-10pm

Opening times: Wednesday 11th - Saturday 21st June
Mon-Fri 10am-7pm
Sat 11am-6pm
Sun 11am-4pm

Central House (4th floor)
59-63 Whitechapel High Street
London E1 7PF (see map)

Alun Evans
Jayne Fowler
Frances Gould
Catherine Hart
Jenifer Marcal
Sophia Shmigol
Carol Sing
Shirley Vinsier Skerrit
Maciej Szpicer
Maciek Stapleton
Josephine Wood
Tania Bryson
Lucy Campen
Marguerite Chin
Eleanor Corp
Jane Cross
Wilian Gali
Caroline Jackson
Emilia Jarvis
Chelsea Kerrigan
Rosemarie Maher
Erica Punter
Kaisa Sein
Ana Simoes
Cimone Selvon-le Maitre
Jane Sprague
Sophie Todd
Yadaina Watson