Monday, 10 February

Critics: Fine Art

Tara Cranswick

Tara Cranswick is an artist and the Founder and Director of V22 studios in Dalston and editor of the Artists' Survival Guide. V22 is an art organisation with a shared ownership structure. It specialises in the collection of contemporary art, the production of exhibitions, events and educational initiatives, and the provision of artists’ studios and artisans' workshops

Sarah Bowles

Sarah Bowles is Director and Founder of Q-Art. She set up Q-Art whilst a BA Fine Art student as a result of questions and obstacles she faced entering higher-level art education and the contemporary art world. She is interested the different models of art education that exist and the art contexts in which they operate.

Hew Locke

Hew is a sculptor based in London. He obtained a BA in Fine Art in Falmouth and an MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art. In 2000 he won both a Paul Hamlyn Award and an East International Award. His work is represented in many collections nationally and internationally.

The Art Party Conference 2013


AM Undergraduate Fine Art
PM Undergraduate Fine Art; Postgraduate Fine Art
Location 2nd Floor Boulevard, Central House
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1st Year: Fine Art

A film by Meggie Cleary, Samuel Eyles, Mar Del Corral and Konstantins Nikiforovs (Constantine Elijah).