Exhibition: 26.06.2014 – 06.07.2014

First Year

Phillipa Longson - workhome for neon sign maker

About the show

The First Year of the BA Architecture course introduces students of Architecture to the discipline of designing through making.

Two preliminary projects in the first half of the year introduce ways of representation, testing of ideas through exploration and experimentation with drawing techniques and modes of making. For their major project in the second half of the year students work out their first building proposal under the guidance of individual design tutor. The First Year Architecture at The Cass pursues a strong developmental agenda, which is open to a large variety of approaches and ideas. Underlying all our work is a curiosity the role architecture can assume in the way the city functions, lives and plays.

The first term project Making Furniture is based on the understanding and appropriation of industrial ways of making to designs that enrich our everyday experience. The street furniture students produced for a High Street in North London aimed to give visibility to the local area's rich culture of making. All proposals draw on the processes we observed on visits to places of making in Tottenham, ranging from stone masons, shoe makes, chandelier maker, quilters to wood carvers and others. The major project of the second part of the year, Making Spaces, aims to bring together spaces dedicated to making and living in a building that negotiates the conditions of private and public within its urban context. Students are challenged to work out their designs through modelling and drawing, towards imaginative propositions that bear relevance and show appreciation for the city we inhabit.

Exhibition details

Location Central House, 1st Floor
Course Architecture BA (Hons) RIBA Part 1

Students' work

Phillipa Longson

Workhome for neon sign maker

Urban Picknic Blanket

Produced using the principle of quilting

Site in South Tottenham

Irene Scarpellino

Site concept models

Phillipa Longson

1:200 Case study model of Hakka Roundhouse

Collage of Making Process

Chandelier makers in Tottenham

Making of Full Scale Objects

The furniture project introduces workshop practice

Knitted Staircase - adapted for exterior use

Has been shortlisted for various competitions

Casting workshop

Early stages of model making

Sarah Weiss

Conceptual case study model

Nigel Garcia

Interim crit presentation

Luke Vouckelatou

Spatial concept for a workhome

Johnathan Craven

Relation between model and drawing

Model Photography

Lukas Courmont & Jonathan Craven

Nigel Garcia

Inhabited plan of building on site

Delia Scarpellino

Workhome for a cake maker

Michele Straiotto

Final proposal

Philipa Longson

Night view of workhome for a neon sign maker


Pascal Bronner
Keita Tajima
Sarah Considine
Dean Walker
Cristina Gerada
Chianna Roberts
Gonzalo Coello de Portugal
Thomas Hillier
Mark Smith
Tania Lopez Winkler

Special thanks to

Frances Holliss