Exhibition: 26.06.2014 – 06.07.2014

Studio 8 William Haggard & Josh Carver

Estelle Hobeika - supermarket perimeter

About the show

Super Market

I took her to a supermarket.
 I don't know why but I had to start it somewhere.

Pulp, Common People, 1995

No civilisation is more than nine meals away from total anarchy.

Ewen Cameron, Hansard, 2007

Supermarkets supply around 80% of UK groceries. A handful of large companies dominate this industry, which is both incredibly efficient in terms of delivering an unprecedented range of foods from around the world to the consumer using a “just-in-time” delivery network, and astonishingly wasteful, with over half of all the food in the system ending up in landfill sites.

This year, as supermarkets have continued to expand over our high streets alongside a commodified artisan food culture, we have investigated the supermarket in relation to its urban context and the wider issues of food production and local and global economies.

We began by studying the mediaeval typology of the Market Hall, a hybrid structure accommodating an enclosed room for governance over an open space for commerce.

Each student selected a typical London supermarket near an established High Street and first tested its relationship to its context by proposing a new Market Hall at the edge of the site. We studied parallel and contrasting conditions in Flanders and precedents of large-span structures from distribution sheds to opera houses.

A series of final proposals for Super Markets explore optimistic new typologies for local food supply; integrating shared spaces and public functions such as adult education and food production.

Exhibition details

Location Central House 4th Floor
Course Architecture BA (Hons) RIBA Part 1
Studio Studio 8

Students' work

Estelle Hobeika

Supermarket perimeter

Chingis Guirey

Supermarket interior

Studio 8

Market Hall studies

Estelle Hobeika

New Market Hall

Iza Sasaran

New Market Hall, Barking

Estelle Hobeika

Fields of Metal, Park Royal

Najla Davis

High Street study, Leyton

Salah Ekrayem - isometric drawings

Damascus shop / London shop

Ryan Hinson

Retail Store / Dark Store, Islington

Estelle Hobeika

Sitopia Framework, Park Royal

Ben Whelan

Self Build Super Market, Stamford Hill

Chingis Guirey

Open Air Super Market, Kensal Green

Martins Silins

Model Photograph - Market Street, Leytonstone

Chingis Guirey

Open Air Super Market, Kensal Green

Alexandra Arad

Restaurant Tower Super Market, Cromwell Road

Martins Silins

Interior view, Market Street, Leytonstone

Chingis Guirey

Model, open air supermarket, Kensal Green

Ben Whelan - Detailed section and elevation

Self Build Super Market, Stamford Hill

Alexandra Arad

Restaurant Tower Super Market

Ben Whelan

Section and elevation - Self-build supermarket


Mohamad Abdullah
Naile Alanli
Alexandra Arad
Anett Bako
Prianca Dattani
Almaz Davis
Salah Ekrayem
Chingis Guirey
Ryan Hinson
Estelle Hobeika
Eglantina Hoxha
Hector Martin
Tom Mcdonald
Mariam Said
Iza Sasaran
Nevruz Seferoglu
Fadi Shawkat
Seunguk Shin
Martins Silins
Aodhan Toland
Najla Trollope-Davis
Ben Whelan
Kim Yusung

With thanks to

Anna Bardos
Tom Bentham
Zoe Berman
Peter Carl
Alison Crawshaw
Max Creasy
Lucy Dinnen
Oliver Goodhall
Britt Helbig
Murray Kerr
Oliver Klimpel
Toby Maclean
Mary Ann Steane
Carolyn Steel
Signy Svalastoga