Exhibition: 26.06.2014 – 06.07.2014

Studio 7 - ARCSR

Errol Houston 1:1 Scale Prototyping, Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales

About the show

Studio 7 offered 2 sites for this year’s programme of ‘Exchange in the City’ - Mile End/Bromley by Bow, London and Tai Ganj, Agra

Studio 7 collaborated with students from diploma Unit 6 and the PhD programme in cross studio exchanges, broadening the discussion of the Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resources throughout the school.

Cities are place where people have decided to come together for mutual support and exchange. Cities have similar qualities despite differing locations and cultures. The opportunity to discover new relationships between London and Agra is exciting and extensive. Studio 7 students were challenged in their assumptions on architecture. They learned to read individual buildings through their materials, styles and construction, to develop an understanding of the city topography and changing urban metabolism. The chosen areas of study offered a rich topography of old and new buildings, civic infrastructure and diverse cultures and identities.

We intended to follow a strict process this year for each of the two projects. This process saw students developing their own ways of drawing based on the following graphical representations:

Plan - A topographical arrangement of the brief.

Section - A spatial version of the plan, thinking about structure.

Elevation - The visual appearance of the whole.

Drawing as a way of revealing and understanding the complex layers of the city emerged from the following methods:

Mapping - Observation, walking about and exploring an area.

Investigating - Requires a knowledge of the city, making something real from research.

Surveying - Measuring and locating within the context.

Narrating - Describing the spaces and what activities there are, a detail.

Field Trips – UK and India

Students participated in a field trip to either: Taj Ganj, Agra, for two weeks to carry out physical and cultural investigations in preparation for their major project; or, for those locating their major project in London, to the Centre for Alternative Technology (Wales) for a 4 day hands-on making workshop focusing on the re-use of everyday materials.

Major Project – Exchange in the City

Following the field trips, major projects were based on investigating the rich diversity of city topography, identity of people and character of buildings in either Mile End/Bromley-by-Bow or Taj Ganj.

Exhibition details

Location Central House 3rd Floor
Course Architecture BA (Hons) RIBA Part 1
Studio Studio 7
MA by Project MA by Project
Research ARCSR
Projects Cass Projects

Students' work

Errol Houston - Scale Prototyping

Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales

Agnieszka Pyrdol

Covering the Nala, Taj Ganj - Proposed view

Aous Hamoud

Archive and Gallery, East London - Proposed view

Dael Behagg

Cultural Exercise in Taj Ganj, convent school

Dael Behagg

Sketch - Red Fort, Agra

Gurpal Singh Kular - concept image

Emancipation From Gambling, Taj Ganj

Gurpal Singh Kular - proposed section

Dance Theatre, Taj Ganj

Errol Houston - concept image

Alternative Gardenscape, Stroudley Walk

Dael Behagg - proposed section

Chai (Tea) House, Taj Ganj

Raveena Bhavsar

Wastepicker, Taj Ganj

Gurpal Singh Kular

Dance Theatre Proposal, Taj Ganj

Aous Hamoud

Revealing the Scrapyard, East London

Agnieszka Pyrdol

‘Green’ school, Taj Ganj

Gurpal Singh Kular

Sketch - view of site, Taj Ganj

Stefka Sirakova

Reclaiming the Lost Lives of Taj Ganj

Stefka Sirakova

Treehouse Lantern, East London

Errol Houston

Rooftop Gardenscape, East London

Stefka Sirakova

View Through the Wall: From 5* Hotel to Slum

Harry Crosland

Paper Recycling Factory, Taj Ganj

Stefka Sirakova

Cultural Exercise in Taj Ganj


2nd Year

Dael Behagg
Raveena Bhavsar
Harry Crosland
Gerald Darling
Kim Divina-Gracia
Lorenzo Gennari
Aous Hamoud
Lorenc Hyseni
Hannah Jadavji
Valerija Kamolina
Sanaz Khajevandi
Oana Mununar
Rowan Pickup
Anamika Puri
Agnieska Pyrdol
Pelin Saglam
Faisal Sheikh
Gurpal Singh Kular

3rd Year

Folake Emerson
Errol Houston
Stefka Tabor
Elliot Walker

With thanks to

Maurice Mitchell
Francesca Pont
Matthew Barac
Shamoon Patwari
Rachel O'Grady
Julia King
Sunand Prasad
Philip Turner
Victoria Timberlake
Jonathan Weaver
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