Exhibition: 26.06.2014 – 06.07.2014

Studio 4

Anja Funston - Golden Lane Estate

About the show

Work House

Studio 4 has been considering housing estates and how landscape can mediate between the private residence and the public realm of the city beyond. We have studied seminal housing precedents in London to explore how landscape can be used to integrate estates into the surrounding urban fabric.

During the year the studio has engaged with the incremental regeneration of the Aylesbury Estate in South London. Work House is concerned with the adaptive reuse of structures and territories on the estate to create places for work and public life amongst the vast swathes of housing. Read together our proposals suggest a new approach to the master plan based on fragments that respond to local and specific context.

Work House is preoccupied with notions of depth in the urban and architectural order. To explore this theme we have used screen printing and casting techniques to represent the layered landscapes and urban compositions that we have developed. The theme of threshold has been critical to our research and the studio has used collage as a means of exploring juxtaposed conditions.

To conclude and illustrate our findings students have proposed a new agora on the Aylesbury estate. A public space defined by the co-existence of formal and informal life that celebrates the depth of the city. The uncertain territory between retained fabric and proposed master plan is seen as an opportunity to create a common ground defined by spaces for work and civic engagement.

Exhibition details

Location Central House 2nd Floor
Course Architecture BA (Hons) RIBA Part 1
Studio Studio 4

Students' work

Anja Funston

Golden Lane Estate - screen print of topography

Enrico Grimani

Hallfield Estate - cast of topography

Timothy Lewis

Cranbrook Estate, screen print of historical grain

Aylesbury Estate Master Plan

Group site model with massing proposals

Alastair Mitchell

Amersham conservation area - sciagraphic collage

Sophie Williams

Aylesbury Boiler House - diagram of walkways

Shunsuke Kawano - Westmoreland Road

Axonometric of historical fabric

Timothy Lewis

Chiltern House Courtyard - ruckbau collage

Honam Wong

East Street landscape - collage plan of public rea

Anja Funston

Albany Road Hop Farm - collage of landscape

Shunsuke Kawano

La Tourette - axonometric of ground condition

Enrico Grimani

East Street Work House - landscape plan

Alastair Mitchell

Boiler House Garden - axonometric of roof top

Sophie Williams

Ayles Agora - screen print of landscape

Sophie Williams

Boiler House Archive, collage of rooftop landscape

Shunsuke Kawano

Westmoreland Road Work House - collage

Paride Saraceni

Taplow Courtyard Garden - fragment model

Sophie Williams

Amersham Assembly Hall - threshold section

Alastair Mitchell

Boiler House Agora - long section

Enrico Grimani

East Street Work House - elevation


Farhan Ahmed
Darrell Boye
James Clarke
Richard Coburn
Lauren Clayton-Spencer
Danielle Devoglio
Shadi Farivar
Anja Funston
Enrico Grimani
Emanuele Guelfi
Shunsuke Kawano
Hongjae Kim
Timothy Lewis
Alastair Mitchell
Karsha Peart
Jignesh Rathod
Kyounghun Ryu
Paride Saraceni
Choi Weon
Sophie Williams
Honam Wong


Richard Cottrell
Anna Ludwig
Rufus Willis


Catherine Bates
Peter Carl
Diana Cochrane
Jonathan Dawes
Alex Ely
Fenna Haakma Wagenaar
Nick Hayhurst
Levent Kerimol
Lefkos Kyriacou
Simon Tucker
George Venning

With thanks to

The Architecture Foundation
Alicja Borkowska
Marcus Bowman
Cambridge Architectural Precast
Alex Cossins
Fred Gatley
Damian Grist
Tina Jadav
Lyndhurst Primary School
Brian Vermeulen
Martin Waters
Aislinn White