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Design work seeking relations between landform, ancient settlements, industry and sprawl in a striking city-landscape: the Isthmus of Corinth.

The contemporary city-landscape is an ambiguous territory lacking in obvious order. We propose the Greek Isthmus as a powerful example, where an ancient urban order - a refined calibration of existing terrain, building and open space - has been overlaid with contemporary urban expansion.

The character of this topography is extremely varied. Contemporary Corinth is a small coastal city largely constructed in the twentieth century after the older town was destroyed in an earthquake. The remnants of Ancient Corinth, the fort of Acrocorinth and other archaeo-logical sites are interspersed with industrial areas, semi-urban settlements and a fragile, mixed landscape of agriculture, retail and manufacturing. The disjointed condition of the Isthmus was our basis for constructing a thesis about designing in the city-landscape, or ‘terrain vague’.

Together, we examined a range of landscapes, from the Middlesex Filter Beds to Rainham Marshes, in preparation for the main design project: to set a strategic architectural ambition for a coastal site - Lechaion - between the centres of Contemporary and Ancient Corinth. Once the ancient harbour of the city, Lechaion is now dominated by industrial activity. Students were encouraged to work with the accidental coexistence of seemingly disparate elements: a flour mill, a protected (but mostly unexcavated) archaeological site, a disused abattoir, farms and a beach. Part of the challenge lay in choosing where to intervene. Through design we attempted to find an order which could accommodate the heterogeneity and ambiguity of this terrain, interested not so much in buildings as objects, but in an architecture which might be understood as ‘continuously unfolding’: a sequence of settings for human activity.

Isthmus of Corinth model scale 1:10000

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Location Central House 2nd Floor
Course Architecture BA (Hons) RIBA Part 1
Studio Studio 2

Students' work

 Studio 2
Studio 2 Isthmus of corinth

Isthmus of Corinth model scale 1:10000 

 Studio 2
Studio 2
Lechaion model scale

Lechaion model scale 1:1000 

 Anna Pizova
Anna Pizova Lechaion sea plane terminal Studio 2

Lechaion sea plane terminal 

 Anna Pizova
Anna Pizova Sea plane terminal - section Studio 2

Sea plane terminal - section 

 Anna Pizova
Anna Pizova
Terminal canopy Studio 2

Terminal canopy 

 Anna Pizova
Anna Pizova
Terminal and ruins Studio 2

Terminal and ruins 

 Anastasia Glover
Anastasia Glover
Viaduct and landscape Studio 2

Viaduct and landscape 

 Daniel Olafsson
Daniel Olafsson
Basilica and lapidarium Studio 2

Basilica and lapidarium 

 Daniel Olafsson
Daniel Olafsson Lapidarium study Studio 2

Lapidarium study, etching 

 Gustaf Hedberg
Gustaf Hedberg Centre of Archaeology Studio 2

Centre for archaeology, perspective with collage 

 Gustaf Hedberg
Gustaf Hedberg Earthwork plan Studio 2

Earthwork plan, collage of ground surfaces 

 Gustaf Hedberg
Gustaf Hedberg Archaeology centre – west elevation Studio 2 Studio 2

Archaeology centre – west elevation 

 Gustaf Hedberg
Gustaf Hedberg Archaeology centre interior Studio 2.jpg

Archaeology centre interior 

 Kinga Augustyn
Kinga Augustyn Archaeology centre studio 2

Archaeology centre, Detail of 1:200 working model 

 Kinga Augustyn
Kinga Augustyn Archaeology centre elevation studio 2

Archaeology centre - elevation 1:200 working model 

 Leon Willcocks
Leon Willcocks Harbour ensemble Studio 2

Harbour ensemble, Model scale 1:200 

 Mirko Solinas
Mirko Solinas Terraces of Lechaion Studio 2

Terraces of Lechaion, perspective montage 

 Riam Ibrahem
Riam Ibrahem Archaeologist’s room Studio 2

Archaeologist’s room, montage 

 Anastasia Glover
Anastasia Glover Walking along the Lechaion Road Studio 2

Walking along the Lechaion Road 

 Anastasia Glover
Anastasia Glover The Lechaion Road Studio 2

The Lechaion Road, montage view 

Year 2

Alexia Alvarez Reyes
Niyazi Aker
Kinga Augustyn
Raffaella Cuneo
Shyukriye Mustafova
Thomas Rebeschini
Leon Willcocks
Valerie Ziregbe
Marine Zub

Year 3

Petya Berberova
Luis Campos
Anastasia Glover
Gustaf Hedberg
Riam Ibrahem
Maria-Orsalia Louka
Melpomeni Manoliadi
Daniel Olafsson
Kiki Petrou
Anna Pizova
Rigas Potiropoulos
Mirko Solinas
Rupert Szyszko
Zach Vieira

Fabiano Andina
Iris Argyropoulou
Florian Beigel
Peter Carl
Philip Christou
Richard Cottrell
Pierre d'Avoine
Tony Fretton
Jane Mcallister
James Payne
Signy Svalastoga
Rufus Willis

Eleni Andrianou, 25th ephorate of Byzantine archaeology
Peter Beard
Pierre Blanc
Jonathan Cook
City of Corinth planning department
David Derby, Price and Myers
Adam Khan
Ryan McStay
Dr. Dan Stewart