Unit 2

About the show

Studio Philosophy

The interaction of private, public and local life with architectural culture is the theme. The heart of the studio is the development of design skills: how to start, how to activate your creative mind and how and when to critically examine what it gives; how to carry on and find the value in your work and when to start again; how to learn the obscure arts of façade-making; how to change a plan to work with the façade; how to see that this not illicit: how to make an interior and buildable details that support the design, all the while looking at other architects work and buildings in general to see how high and popular culture are evident in them. How to find the theoretical issues in your designs, and respond to them. How, starting from your own imagination, to make architecture with which other people can engage.


Housing for sale in Pewsey Wiltshire, based on a project realised by my office but relieved of constraints in order to explore what UK housing could be in these times.

SKVR, a new building on a site in Rotterdam for an amateur arts organisation, where students of all ages, including young children learn dance, music and art.

The familiarity of Pewsey gave students an opportunity see how they had to learn about their own culture. The airy spaciousness of Rotterdam and its social vigour gave them an alternative.

Tom Atkinson - SKVR Art in the City

Exhibition details

Location Central House 3rd Floor
Course Professional Diploma in Architecture RIBA Part 2
Unit Unit 2

Students' work

 Tom Atkinson - SKVR Art in the City
Unit 2 Image by Tom Atkinson

Street view 

 Tom Atkinson
Tom Atkinson SKVR Art in the City Studio 2

SKVR Art in the City 

 Alexander Copeman
Alexander Copeman The Boulevard Studio 2

The Boulevard, room and the city 

 Andreas Diakomanolis
Andreas Diakomanolis
External image Studio 2 RIBA2

External image 

 Andreas Diakomanolis
Andreas Diakomanolis Internal Image Studio 2 RIBA2

Internal image 

 Edward Farleigh
Edward Farleigh 1 Studio 2 RIBA2

View of the Building from Across the Square 

 Edward Grocott
Edward Grocott
Housing for sale, homes to live in

Housing for sale, homes to live in. 

 Edward Grocott
Edward Grocott 2 Studio 2 RIBA2

Housing for sale, homes to live in 

 Jack Hawthorne
Jack Hawthorne Studio 2 RIBA2

A garden in the centre of the façade 

 Jack Hawthorne
Jack Hawthorne 2 Studio 2 RIBA2


 Jack Hawthorne
Jack Hawthorne 3 Studio 2 RIBA2


 Jack Hawthorne
Jack Hawthorne 4 Studio 2 RIBA2


 John Marshall
John Marshall 1 Studio 2 RIBA2


 John Marshall
John Marshall 2 Studio 2 RIBA2

SKVR - Street / Theatre 

 Anish Mistry - SKVR
Anish Mistry Studio 2 RIBA2

External view of the east facade and main entrance 

 Bradley Moore - SKVR
Bradley Moore Studio 2 RIBA2

Façade and entrance 

 Bradley Moore
Bradley Moore 2 Studio 2 RIBA2


 Jonathan Stern
Jonathan Stern Studio 2 RIBA2


 Jonathan Stern
Jonathan Stern 2 Studio 2 RIBA2


 Jonathan Stern
Jonathan Stern 3 RIBA2 Studio 2


 Claire Talbot SKVR
Claire Talbot Studio 2 RIBA2

Hues of orange and green give a painterly quality