Unit 13

Adventures in Arcadia

About the show

Following the river Lea from Hackney Wick to Harlow, we explore new ideas in productive living, and make proposals for types of settlement.

The London masses may be on the cusp of a locational shift, from an urban renaissance to an arcadian arrival. As international capital continues to inflate the centre’s value the waves of settlement push ever outwards. We all want space - to sleep, eat, think, build, grow, shout and share – but few can afford to live where the many think they want to. Can we develop a more open and inclusive model of settlement located away from the centre, on the edges of the city, that combines the social and cultural potential of the urban with the spatial generosity and productiveness of the rural?

Alan Benzie: Pylon / House

Exhibition details

Location Central House 2nd Floor
Course Professional Diploma in Architecture RIBA 2
Unit Unit 13

Students' work

 Alan Benzie
Unit 13 AOC by Alan Benzie

Pylon / House - Model 1:100 

 Daniel Miodrag
Daniel Miodrag Rapid Prototyping Unit 13 RIBA 2

1:100 model, rapid prototyping 

 Vincenzo Di-Trolio
Vincenzo Di-Trolio Constructed Image Unit 13 RIBA 2

A comparison of Leeside Road and Pol de Ermita 

 Jerome Edwards
Jerome Edwards Digital Image Unit 13 RIBA 2

A comparison of the role of ornament 

 Daniel Miodrag
Daniel Miodrag Comparison Unit 13 RIBA 2

Comparison - Newhall Be Harlow and Marbella 

 Francesca White
Francesca White Cordoba Unit 13 RIBA 2

The monuments of Cordoba 

 James Woodcock
James Woodcock Fragment Model Unit 13 RIBA 2

A House Style for Sedge Green 

 Francesca White - Timber model
Francesca White Timber Model Unit 13 RIBA 2

Civic strategy for area around river Moselle 

 Edward Dale-Harris
Edward Dale-Harris Digital Image Unit 13 RIBA 2

Front to Back Plot for Life 

 Harold Hill
Harold Hill Enfield Garden Island Unit 13 RIBA 2

Enfield Garden Island - Fictive advertising poster 

 Matthew Mure
Matthew Mure Harlow Artist Studio Unit 13 RIBA 2

Harlow Artist Studios 

 Jack Richards
Jack Richards Town Hall Study Unit 13 RIBA 2

Town Hall study - Digital image 

 James Pang
James Pang Digital Image Unit 13 RIBA 2

An image of the settlement 

 Jerome Edwards
Jerome Edwards Slowly Mead Unit 13 RIBA 2

Slowly Mead - Digital image 

 Vincenzo Di-Trolio
Vincenzo Di-Trolio Edmonton Unit 13 RIBA 2

SHED – New live work concept housing in Edmonton 

 Simon Thorpe
Simon Thorpe  Unit 13 RIBA 2

Start-Up Suburbia 

 Jack Richards
Jack Richards Mark Hall North Unit 13 RIBA 2

Mark Hall North, Reminiscence Centre, Harlow 

 James Pang
James Pang Model Unit 13 RIBA 2

Co-operative housing within a greenhouse 

 James Pang
James Pang Greenhouse Unit 13 RIBA 2

Working in the communal productive greenhouse