Surfing the Crash Studio

Studio led by William Warren & Kate Payne

Show overview

A studio dealing with the needs and wants of 3D designers in the 21st century.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” Jon Kabat-Zinn, Pro surfer.

The designer’s rulebook has been ripped up, recycled and turned into flyers for a nightclub. With a backdrop of economic meltdown, a renaissance in new materials/technologies and environmental collapse, designers in the 21st century need to have a new relationship with their audience, a free creative approach to solutions, individual style and to stand upon a foundation understanding of production. It is no longer enough to be a good designer. We must be good at designing our own jobs.

Project Brief

By the breadth of its many varied outputs, this studio will attempt to chart a current position for three-dimensional designers in a rapidly evolving world, salvaging what we can from the wrecks of the past and imagining our better possible futures.

Surfing the Crash Milan Furniture Fair

Exhibition details

P.V. Thursday 13 June 2013, 6-9pm
Opening Fri 14 - Sun 23 June 2013
Mon-Fri 1am-8pm, Sat 11am-5pm, Sun 11am-4.30pm
Venue Central House (4th Floor)
Course Product Design (MA)
Furniture (MA)
Product Design BA (Hons)
Furniture BA (Hons)


 Champagne Bucket
Champagne Bucket
By Amaryllis Hibon

By Amaryllis Hibon 

By David Lewis

By David Lewis 

 Ice Bites
Ice Bites
By Margarida Araujo

By Margarida Araujo 

 Plastic Bags Recycling Project
Plastic Bags Recycling Project
By Amaryllis Hibon

By Amaryllis Hibon 

Rental Bartik
Toyan Battersbee
Marta Gover
Nikol Kapagian
Prince Ntim-Adjei
Kate Owen
Karen Pessina
Marie Powell
Jethro Rayner
Emmanouil Stamatiou

Janette Branfield
Joanna Bicz
Michele Del Forno
Nairi Haladjian
Aisha Jones
Dominique Kerr
Ohwan Kwon
Catherine Longbottom
Foisol Miah
Douglas Montgomery
Alexander Mueller
Olaolu Odeniyi
Mihaela Ogarca
Celine Perez
Michael Randall
Aya Terao
Mona Tripp
Meital Tzabari
Diego Venegas