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About the studio show

This studio aims to provide the opportunity for students to combine design skills with advanced furniture making techniques. Students strive to become accomplished in both and to make beautiful and intriguing bespoke pieces. Some pieces are commissioned and have been designed with the client and are actually in use now. Each piece is destined for a particular place or person.

After graduation some students aim to run their own business, or to be skilled enough to join an existing business. Some FDA graduates will progress to a 3rd year to show again next year and leave the university with a BA Hons degree.

Students in this Studio work alongside those in Surfing the Crash Studio and have close links with students in the FDA Restoration Grammar of Ornament Studio. The Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers work offer students the opportunity to take part in the annual industrial study tour and awarding a prize each year to the student who demonstrates the most accomplishment as a designer maker.

Children's Chairs By Charles Richards

Exhibition details

P.V. Thursday 13 June 2013, 6-9pm
Opening Fri 14 - Sun 23 June 2013
Mon-Fri 1am-8pm, Sat 11am-5pm, Sun 11am-4.30pm
Venue Central House (4th Floor)
Course Product Design (BA)
Furniture (BA)
Musical Instruments BSc (Hons)


 Delux Listening
Delux Listening
By Vinay Vekaria

By Vinay Vekaria 

 Conversation Piece 2
Conversation Piece 2
By L. Groombridge

By L. Groombridge 

 Studio Trip to Milan
Studio Trip to Milan


Neb Abbott
Adam Abdulwahid
Luke Ayling
Mandie Beuzevul
Stuart Chambers
Dan Chapman
Joe Fitzgerald
Mark Gould
Laura Groom
Tim Grist
Luke Groombridge
Samuel Hirststiling
Charles Mugisha
Glenn Reading
Charles Richards
Aysha Shah
Alejandra Tellezp-Feffer
Dionne Thomson
Vinay Vekaria
Aleksander Zwolinski