Unit 2 - The City Gate

Unit led by Dow Jones Architects

About the show

“The ontological function of the beautiful is to bridge the chasm between the ideal and the real.”

H-G.Gadamer, The Relevance of the Beautiful.

"…the boundary is that from which something begins its presencing."

M. Heidegger, 'Art and Space'.

This year we are going to look at the historic boundary of the city, and in particular the mediatory role of the City Gate. There is a clear typological relationship that links the Temple Door to the City Gate and through the Scaenae Frons to the Theatre. The City Gate is symbolically the place of reconciliation of the centre and the edge, and operates as a threshold to both the inside and the outside. From Rykwert we learn that the purpose of the City Gate was to enable the dead to leave the city, and this points towards an horizon of otherness ‘beyond the walls’.

The world ‘beyond the walls’ was traditionally the domain of fairs and theatre, hospitals and burial grounds, markets and recreation. The great London Fairs of the middle ages - Southwark, St. Bartholomew’s and May - were established on the ‘Liberties’, Church land outside regalian jurisdiction, which linked the fairs to festive time. This, and the origins of the City Gate as an epiphanic structure, naturally meant this was also the place of theatre.

As London grew, the sites of the fairs were subsumed by the metropolis, and now find themselves deep within the contemporary city. However, their former life ‘beyond the walls’ gives these areas their distinct character today. This year we will be studying the nature of being ‘beyond the walls’, and how by understanding these sediments of culture we can propose acoherent city architecture for today.

We will be looking at the horizon ofpraxis, and will be working in Borough and Clerkenwell - both sites of ancient fairs - to investigate the tension that exists between inside and out. This is perhaps characterized by the proximity of global city financial institutions and meat markets, but it also points towards the capacity for this city to accommodate a deeper metabolism, the real and the ideal.

An urban proposition next to the Hop Exchange By Ben Hutton

Exhibition details

P.V. Tuesday 25 June 2013, 6.30-10pm
Opening Wed 26 June - Fri 5 July 2013
Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 11am-5pm
Venue Spring House (Ground Floor)
Unit Architecture Unit 2
Course Professional Diploma in Architecture RIBA Part 2 (now Architecture RIBA 2 MArch)
Architecture (MA)


 Smithfield Wash House
Smithfield Wash House James McNeil

By James McNeill 

 Entrance lobby
Entrance Lobby Adam Eckworth

By Adam Eckwortth 

 Axonometric of the Intervention at Smithfield
Axonometric Kate Nicklin

By Kate Nicklin 

 Axonometric study of the threshold condition of a new building for Gresham College
Axonometric M J Wells

By M.J.Wells 

 Museum of London Archaeological Department
Museum of London Archaeological Department Campbell Patterson

By Campbell Patterson 

 Artist’s live/work unit
Artists live work unit David Phillips

By David Philips 

 Abstracted sectional drawing of the Quinta de Conceição, Matosinhos
Abstracted sectional drawing of the Quinta de Conceicao Matosinhos Eliot Foy

By Eliot Foy 

 View of the City & Guilds Institute from Aldgate tube
View of the City and Guild Institute from Aldgate Tube Joel Howland

By Joel Howland 

 Study axonometric of a new court theatre in Whitechapel
Study axonometric of a new court theatre in Whitechapel Charles Deballe

By Charles Deballe 

 View of a street within a new live/work project for Whitechapel
View of a street within a new live work project for Whitechapel John Marshall

By John Marshall 

 Departures (after Pieter Bruegel)
Departures Graham Mateer

By Graham Mateer 

 Axonometric of the Cooks’ Hall and Garden
Axonometric of the Cooks Hall and Garden Byran Tsang

By Byran Tsang 

 Elevation of Blake Institute from Bunhill Fields
Elevation of the Blake Institute from Bunhill Fields Judit Laczil

By Judit Laczik 

 Clerkenwell Public Library
Clerkenwell Public Library Michael Vale

By Michael Vale 

 Project Axonometric
Project Axonometic Marina Shileva

By Marina Shileva 

 Sketch – “A beacon in the city”
Sketch A beacon in the city Kit Ling Lam

By Kit Ling Lam 

 Underground Plan of the Archaeology Workshops at Bridewell Palace
Manos Pertselakis

By Manos Pertselakis 

 External view across Smithfield towards Fashion School
External view across Smithfield towards Fashion School Kate Nicklin

By Kate Nicklin 

4th Year

Tom Atkinson
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Kate Nicklin
Harry Ogden
Manos Pertselakis
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Adam Eckworth

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Charlie Debelle
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Ben Hutton
Judit Laczik
Ling Lam
Graham Mateer
James Mcneill
Campbell Patterson
David Phillips
Marina Shileva
Bryan Tsang
Michael Vale
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Peter Carl
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