MA Product Design

MA Product Design is part of a programme of several masters-level design courses that interact with one another and where students can share ideas and methods of working. It is an advanced, course where students can direct their interests through a choice of units and projects. The projects are founded on a deep level of design research and questioning; how historical precedent informs, how markets evolve, how contemporary practice develops and how useful technologies emerge.

In parallel with theoretical research, students generate, communicate and evaluate all kinds of innovative ideas; concepts for future products and services. What methods will generate the widest range of designs? How best to inform the user and producer of what they have in mind? How best to evaluate concepts that exist in virtual form only? Toys, tools, technology, transport – these are just a few of the sectors in which we design and develop new product concepts. What would you like to create? What will consumers want? What does society need? Always, our students realise their designs in physical form, as can be seen at the show, and represented here on the website.

The course has a strong, recent history of external collaboration – in design competitions, at design exhibitions, in international projects such as the Sino-UK ‘Upcycling’ project in China, and with client companies that include Orange, LG, Habitat and Transport for London. We also strongly encourage cross-disciplinary working and thinking, firmly believing that collaboration across disciplines can lead to innovation and new ways of working and generating concepts and products.

The course is based in the School of Design at The Cass, a highly respected school of art, architecture and design. Within the school is Cassworks, a new resource centre for product development that contains advanced manufacturing technology.

Tyred Rocker by Bav Shah

Exhibition details

Private view Friday 14 September 2012, 6pm-10pm
Opening Friday 14 - Monday 17 September 2012
Friday and Monday 10am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm
Venue Spring House


 Sit & Lock
Sit & Lock
By Fernando Carballal

By Fernando Carballal 

Fernando Carballal
Bav Shah