MA Interior Design

MA Interior Design recognises the new opportunities which today’s 2D and 3D design tools give designers to visualise and comprehend interior design alongside more traditional approaches. The course aims to reflect the contemporary design process, which brings together close dialogue between disciplines, designers and related specialists.

Through the use of state of the art digital facilities, model-making and workshop-based fabrication techniques, the course aims to extend drawing and representation languages to explore new creative territories and scenarios relevant to commercial interior design. In today's design and commercial reality, design should be seen also as a strategy for questioning and modifying tradition.

A range of design and research methods is used to explore new creative territories and scenarios. The notions of mass culture and manufacture compared to new ideas and possibilities for personalisation of design is analysed and debated. Issues of sustainability and social responsibilities in design are explored together with the study of new industrial opportunities.

The program emphasises the notion of collaboration to innovation. The basic assumption is that value can reside in the white spaces between disciplines, and that cross-disciplinary collaboration associated with design processes is a fertile ground for innovation. We encourage students to be deeply engaged and support their efforts in research and innovation as they develop their personal design language. We firmly believe that collaborative and interdisciplinary working offers real opportunity for innovation.

Exploring practices by Noor Azlan Kasroh

Exhibition details

Private view Friday 14 September 2012, 6pm-10pm
Opening Friday 14 - Monday 17 September
Friday and Monday 10am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm
Venue Spring House


 Creating a sustanaible rural tourism in China (poster detail)
Creating a sustainable rural tourism in China Liu Xuan

By Liu Xuan 

Library Elisa Zoppi

By Elisa Zoppi 

 Visualization of the Spanish Gastronomic Village
Spanish Gastronomic Village Elena Rodriguez Angulo

By Elena Rodriguez Angulo 

 The Clerkenwell Spectacle
The Clerkenwell Spectacle Soteria Symeou

By Soteria Symeou 

 66 East Microbrewery
66 East Microbrewery Angela Zambas

By Angela Zambas 

Bar Ozge Hancerliogullari

Özge Hançerlioğullari 

 Painted Wall
Painted Wall Dong Mee Min

By Dong Mee Min 

Seyedeh Sima Amirizad
Noor Azlan Kasroh
Heewon Lee
Dongmee Min
Elena Rodriguez Angulo
Soteria Symeou
Elisa Zoppi
Angela Zambas