MA Furniture

MA Furniture is an advanced course founded on a deep level of design research and questioning; how historical precedent informs design, how markets evolve, how contemporary professional and design practice develops and how useful technologies emerge. The work of students on show and here on the website show this approach.

In parallel with theoretical research, students generate, communicate and evaluate all kinds of innovative ideas; concepts for future products and services in the field of furniture. What methods will generate the widest range of designs? Which are worth developing to prototype or product stage? How best to inform the client or user of what they have in mind? How best to evaluate concepts that exist in virtual form only? Realisation of new product follows - moving from ‘art to part’, from concept to production. Sketch models precede the final design decisions and the resulting forms are carefully resolved, materials assigned to components, production processes specified. Final models and prototypes evolve for final testing and evaluation.

MA Furniture Design is part of a programme of several masters level design courses that interact with one another and where students can share ideas and methods of working. Other courses include Product Design, Interior Design, Jewellery and Graphic Design. We believe that the opportunities to learn from collaborative cross-disciplinary working are one of the most important ways of generating innovation in design.

Cocoon-ee by Margarita Reyes Granda

Exhibition details

Private view Friday 14 September 2012, 6pm-10pm
Opening Friday 14 - Monday 17 September
Friday and Monday 10am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm
Venue Spring House


 Possibility & Necessity
Chao Luan Possibility and Necessity

By Chao Luan 

 Three Sisters
The Sisters James Auld

By James Auld 

Soave Vincent Welleman

By Vincent Welleman 

 Cube of Curiosity
Cube of Curiosity Jani Oyen

By Jani Oyen 

James Auld
Chao Luan
William Floyd Maclean
Jani Oyen
Maragrita Reyes Granda
Vincent Wellemen