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Work in progress show from the MA Design courses at The Cass including Furniture, Graphic, Interior, Jewellery, Product and Textile Design. The courses run from October to September: see work to date as students embark on their major projects in the summer term.

MA Design courses are intensive taught courses that help design professionals and graduates to deepen their skills and experience for the design industries through the support of leading international contemporary designers and academics. The courses aim to foster advanced practical and creative design and production skills relevant to the design disciplines; students are encouraged to develop an individual design philosophy to sustain a portfolio of design practice; and to evaluate the local and global language of design and consider ways of engaging new audience and product opportunities.

The School has the widest range of specialist facilities in Europe for design and manufacture in our disciplines and these outstanding facilities, specialist expertise and related exhibition and collaborative opportunities, support and prepare students for employment in the design sectors they inhabit.

The MA Design courses have been purpose designed to rehearse contemporary scenarios. The courses offer students a laboratory environment, with access to the state of the art digital and traditional facilities. Issues of sustainability and social responsibilities in design are explored together within the territory of new industrial opportunities. We emphasise the notion of collaboration across design disciplines leading to personal innovation in thought and design language. The basic assumption is that value resides in cross-disciplinary collaboration associated with the understanding and exploration of contemporary design process. This area is a fertile ground for innovation. Many alumni establish their own practice and work collaboratively across the art and design sector worldwide.

Paul Thorpe Brick Lane

Exhibition details

Private view Thursday 21 June 2012, 6pm-10pm
Opening days Friday 22 - Saturday 30 June 2012
Opening times Mon-Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 11am-5pm, Sun 11am-4.30pm
Venue Central House (Second Floor)


 Pratima Pradhan
Pratima Pradhan


 Andreea Bogdan
Andreea Bogdan Ring


 Aslan Karosh
Aslan Karosh Exploring Practice

Exploring practices 

 Ana Thompson
Ana Thompson Cred Hidden Treasures

Cred Hidden Treasures 

 Dong Mee Min
Dong Mee Min


 Paul Thorpe
Paul Thorpe Brick Lane

Brick Lane 

 Bav Shah
Bav Shah MA Design


 Alex Caldeira
Alex Caldeira Design for Production

Design for Production