BA (Hons) Illustration Degree Show

About the show

The show highlights extracts from major projects by BA (Hons) Illustration students in a variety of media, and includes work in print design, illustration, typography, motion, installation and 3D work. This course encourages students to consider the needs of the client and yet simultaneously develop their own sense of personal practice, to be stakeholders in their own imaginative process, yet always consider the context in which the work is produced - the transaction between message and reader, as they propel themselves into 'the real world' of design practice.

Amidst the current climate this show is definitely pro-growth, an investment in the future, a stimulus. Economy is a key word in design - translating complex ideas into concise communication. Times may be difficult but this is no time to be bankrupt of ideas, the creative practitioners of tomorrow have to know the value of bigger ideas on smaller budgets.

The show will also feature the Vault blog, including a bank of images, texts and concepts.

BA (Hons) Illustration in 2012

The BA Illustration interdisciplinary course, though in its infancy, once again achieved another extremely successful year. Our students experienced a distinct range of approaches to visual communication through studio practices within children’s book illustration, editorial, advertising, narrative fiction and journalistic commentary, encouraging a highly personal understanding in observing, recording and visualizing the stories of our complex culture and society. This investigative approach encouraged a personal, imaginative and reflective styling, across all levels of the course.

Certificate level Illustration students were challenged by an experimental, self-made publications project, a collaborative theme with Andy Simons from the British Library. The creation of personal ‘Fanzines’ supported their successful practice within image-construction and narrative themes. Not only were the illustrative outcomes purchased for the London Metropolitan University Library archive, but are currently being displayed within The British Library.

This year also included a school-wide collaboration of over twenty cross-disciplinary projects: the Aldgate Project, is a work-in-progress partnership, which saw three BA Illustration students showing a selection of illustrations that explored ‘A Rake’s Progress’ by William Hogarth (1697-1764). The original series of images charted the rise and fall of a self-interested young man concerned chiefly with his own pleasures who becomes intoxicated by wealth and fashionable society. This archetypal theme was explored through a more contemporary culture and society and using Aldgate as a backdrop, becoming a metaphor for flawed life.

Our students have also been involved with professional organisations such as the Design Museum, RSA, Design and Art Direction Awards and gained commercial practice through the interrogation of both graphic communication and conventional illustrative approaches within live projects. This year saw our Honours level students work with Caroline Moorhouse – graphic designer responsible for all of the UK GAP (European flagship) in-store window displays and concept designs. Successful students were able to present their illustrations to GAP directly for feedback and possible broadcast and publication. BA Illustration students also liaised and produced work for both Carl Clerkin and Ed Ward, product designers and owners of the company ‘All Lovely Stuff’.

The BA (Hons) Illustration course has continuing professional associates with Universities and organisations abroad and again welcomes students from established links such as Norway’s creative school Norges Kreative Fagskole (NKF), who join our Honours level programme.

Lora Dikova illustration titled 'Devil Cat'

Exhibition details

Private view Thursday 21 June 2012, 6pm-10pm
Opening days Friday 22 - Saturday 30 June 2012
Opening times Mon-Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 11am-5pm, Sun 11am-4.30pm
Venue Central House (Ground Floor)


 Claire Hagen
Claire Hagen Illustration


 Lora Dikova
Lora Dikova Illustration


 Alex Blaker
Alex Blaker Illustration


 Adam D'Costa
Adam DCosta Ways of Seeing Illustration

Ways of seeing 

 Lora Dikova
Lora Dikova Cover Halftone Illustration

Cover Halftone 

 Erica del Rosario
Erica del Rosario Illustration