Unit 9

City within City / Windows within

Most unplanned cities, of which London is a spectacular example, are made up of multiple efforts either by individuals or social groups, corporate bodies, housing associations and developers. Generations of occupants settle and appropriate the fabric to which they can afford. From the Huguenots in late Seventeenth Century Spitalfields to the present-day Bangladeshi communities around Brick Lane who bring further characterisation to these urban enclaves.

Unit 9 worked on three sites in East London, both at a city scale and that of architectural fragments, considering the relationship that these scales of architectural concern have between each other.

City of multiple efforts by Jack Mutton


Course Professional Diploma in Architecture RIBA Part 2


 City room
City room James McNeil

By James McNeil 

 Housing & workshops
Housing and worlshops Laura Evans

By Laura Evans 

 A good room - the focus of a new campus for The City Law School
A good room Peter Croft

By Peter Croft 

 Room with a view
Room with a view Peter North

By Peter North 

 View of courtyard
View of courtyard Karl Eriksson

By Karl Eriksson 

 Site north of Hoxton Square
Site north Hoxton Square Robyn Jones

By Robyn Jones 

 North of Hoxton Square - courtyard
North of Hoxton Square Michael Vale

By Michael Vale 

Jack Mutton
James McNeil
Laura Evans
Peter Croft
Peter North
Karl Eriksson
Robyn Jones
Michael Vale