Unit 11


A mansion is a house whose floor area is between 750-6,000 m2 and may be either a single villa, an ensemble of buildings or an interconnected enclave.

To build a house upon bare ground is ideal. Judgements upon size, mass and situation taken in accord of propriety, topography, aspect and so on, lead to an approximation of the ideal container, the disposition of which may require the construction of a suitable approach.

Whilst a mansion has many different rooms for dwelling in, it will also contain several special rooms designed to accommodate the patron’s own particular interests.

In addition to activity and desired interrelationships, the seasonal usage of rooms determines their size and aspect and thus, an overall arrangement in turn. To inhabit the building is to experience its private relationship to the outside (though in any case a garden is desirable).

A result of simple and generous volumes optimally configured is smaller pockets and slack space. These allow adjustment towards the buildings final condition of repose, one that is not too strained, nor too slack. It is important to retain some of such consequential spaces for secret rooms that are not readily understood within the hierarchy of rooms and the overall whole.

Materials and construction are durable and lasting, as is required for a building that may live through several incarnations. Indeed to achieve this the structural and spatial composition will tolerate adaptation.

Its shape, material and overall ambience will feel new yet strangely familiar, having something of the communal and the dwelling about them.

A mansion should always be considered a house, but one whose exceptional scale and quality establish a legacy, since the patron is merely a custodian for future generations.

Forest view by Doug Eckford


Course Professional Diploma in Architecture RIBA Part 2


 Location plan
Location plan Roberta Castellazzi

Roberta Castellazzi 

 First floor plans
First Floor Plans Roberta Castellazzi

Roberta Castellazzi 

 Ground floor plan
Fround floor plan Rebecca Johnston

Rebecca Johnston 

 Second floor plan
Second floor plan Tomas Szczebiot

Tomas Szczebiot 

 Axonometric view
Axonometric view Patrick Judd

Patrick Judd 

 Massing study
Massing study Harry Cassell

Harry Cassell 

 Structural concept
Structural concept by Doug Eckford
Professional Diploma in Architecture - RIBA Part 2

Doug Eckford 

 Mansion courtyard
Mansion courtyard Tomas Szczebiot

Tomas Szczebiot 

 Facade to the heath
Facade to the heath Tomas Szczebiot

Tomas Szczebiot 

 Courtyard view
Courtyard view Doug Eckford

Doug Eckford 

 Atrium space
Atrium space Harry Cassell

Harry Cassell 

 View of the mansion from the public square
View of the mansion from the public square Patrick Judd

Patrick Judd 

 Civic space
Civic space Doug Eckford

Doug Eckford 

 Conceptual reading of the city
Conceptual reading of the city Matthew Lambert

Matthew Lambert 

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