Unit 10

Landscapes of Power

Unit 10 is continuing to research for a deeper relationship between architecture, city-building and topography, Using a series of texts as tools, we will continued our investigations on cities and territories in transition, where conventional thinking struggles to respond to the uncertainty and where there is a necessity for imaginative thinking. This year we focused on Reykjavik, Iceland, following the dramatic economic crisis and recent volcanic eruptions.

Starting from a concrete situation of urbanity the unit stresses the use of a combination of research, thinking methodologies, and creative practice to propose strategic interventions that span extremes of scale, from the immediate and personal, to the collective and geographical. A common attitude and investigation into the material manifestation of the environment underpins the work from the detailed to the large scale. We looked at how temporal natures of landscapes, participation and events can inspire a similar approach to architecture and the city as a generous frame for inhabitation, and searched for new forms of drawing, making and constructing to support and test this. This was particularly relevant to the context for this year’s work with the distinctive seasons, light and the particular topographical, geological and landscape qualities of Reykjavik.

We also emphasize the development of intuition and process to test and develop new forms of architecture, landscape and urbanisms in practice as well as questioning the current state of play. In Reykjavik we carried out intensive site investigations, and established contacts and collaborations with colleagues at the Department of Design & Architecture, Iceland Academy of the Arts and the Reykjavik City Planning Department.

Urban Agriculture, Old Airport site by Rhiannon Cowell


Course Professional Diploma in Archiecture RIBA Part 2


 Urban Memory
Urban Memory Emma Weeks

Emma Weeks 

 Interior memory
Interior Memory Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson 

 Landscape memory
Landscape Memory Ross Warren

Ross Warren 

 Interior memory
Interior Memory Hiroki Oya

Hiroki Oya 

 Walking Reykjavik, Weather and the City
Walking Reykjavik Weather and the City Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson 

 Iceland Landscapes of Power
Iceland Landscapes of Power Gisselle Casio

Gisselle Casio 

 Iceland crisis
Iceland Crisis Unit 10


 Iceland landscapes of power 2
Iceland Landscapes of Power 2


 New Fish Market, Old Harbour, Reylkjavik
New Fish Market Old Harbour Reylkjavik John OLochlin

John O’Lochlin 

 New Fish Market, Old Harbour, Reykjavik
New Fish Market Old Harbour Reylkjavik John OLochlin 2

John O’Lochlin 

 New Reykjavik University
New Reykjavik University Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson 

 Metal recycling and public park, Reykjavik New Harbour
Metal recycling and public park, Reykjavik Hattie Haseler

Hattie Haseler 

 Equestrian Therapy Centre, Ellidavatn
Equestrian Therapy Centre Ellidavatn Gisselle Casio

Gisselle Casio 

 New Cruise Terminal, Reykjavik, New Harbour
New Cruise Terminal Reykjavik Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas 

 Agriculture and Crafts College, New Harbour
Agriculture and Crafts College New Harbour Emma Weeks

Emma Weeks 

 Bath House Reykjavik Old Harbour
Bath House Reykjavik Old Harbour Lovisa Lindsrom

Lovisa Lindsrom 

 Headquarters for the Icelandic Forestry Commission
Headquarters for the Icelandic Forestry Commission Charles Debelle

Charles Debelle 

 Fish Market, Old Harbour
Fish Market Old Harbour Natalie Simmons

Natalie Simmons 

 Site tests through collage, Old Airport site
Site tests Old Airport Site Artur Felix Da Cruz

Artur Felix da Cruz 

Artur Felix Da Cruz
Charles Debelle
Jessica Edwards
Jeannine Elizabeth MacDonald
Jessica Parsley
Natalie Simmons
Gisselle Casio
Rhiannon Cowell
Ana Margarida de Areia Soares
Hattie Haseler
Katherine Joanna Johnson
John O'Loughlin
Gareth Thomas
Inga Karen Traustadottir
Ross Warren
Emma Weeks
Eunsu Aou
Sara Hellgren
Lovisa Lindstrom
Hiroki Oya

Neil Daffin
Max Fordham LLP
David Derby
Price & Myers

In Reykjavik

Sigrún Birgisdóttir
Iceland Academy of Arts
Pall Hjaltason
Head of the Reykjavik Planning committee
Steve Christer
Studio Granda
Reykjavik City Planning Department

In London

Shin Egashira
Dann Jessen
Andy Stone
Peter Carl
Raoul Bunschoten
Viktor Jak
Punya Sehmi
Ed Simpson
Daniel Serafimovski