Extended Degree Architecture and Interior Design

Aleks Catina

Year 0 Showcase

The Year 0 course offers an intense learning experience, which aims to challenge students to engage in experimentation, skill development and create practice.

From the fist lines to the final design propositions our students cover a wide range of communication and making techniques relevant to the creation of spatial design. All our work aims to enable our students to succeed in their further studies, laying the foundation for achievement and studentship through the resolution of design tasks. Curating our final SHOWCASE exhibition is an opportunity to reflect on individual achievements, as well as the advancement of strong year group on their way to the degree courses at London Met.

Inside the Shelter by Ksenia Kinzhalova

Exhibition details

Private view Thursday 28 June 2012, 6pm-10pm
Opening Friday 29 - Thursday 12 July 2012
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 11am-3pm
Venue Spring House, 40-44 Holloway Road, London N7 8JL

Students' work

 Axonometric drawing of shelter proposal
Axonometric drawing of shelter proposal Anett Bako

Anett Bako 

 Inside view of proposal
Inside view of proposal Anett Bako

Anett Bako 

 Photography and drawing
Photography and drawing Muhamad Abdullah

Muhamad Abdullah 

 Study of movement
Study of movement Edem Agbodjan

Edem Agbodjan 

 Edem Agbodjan
Edem Agbodjan Sketch of idea

Sketch of idea 

 Shelter in Context
Shelter in Context Emanuele Guelfi

Emanuele Guelfi 

 Drawing experience
Drawing experience Hannah Jarvis Howard

Hannah Jarvis Howard 

 Drawing from model
Drawing from model Iza Sasaran

Iza Sasaran 

 Construction of shelter
Construction of shelter Fragment of large drawing

Fragment of large drawing 

 Shelter as part of the street
Shelter as part of the street Margaret Ndungu

Margaret Ndungu 

 Photo montage
Photo montage Raffalla Cuneo

Raffaella Cuneo 

 Transition Space for East London Mosque
Transition Space fro east London Mosque Roxana Gheorghe

Roxana Gheorghe 

 Shelter for the senses
Shelter for the senses Samson Eniola

Samson Eniola 

 Material study
Material study Sara Nunes

Sara Nunes 

 Ways of Inhabitation
Ways of inhabitation Iza Sasaran

Iza Sasaran 

 Gian Virdi
Gian Virdi Testing in the city

Testing in the city 

 Shelter experiment
Shelter experiment K Ryu

K Ryu 

 Testing in Aldgate
Testing in Aldgate Anthony Ip

Anthony Ip 

 Anthony Ip
Anthony Ip Presentation of work process

Presentation of work process 

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