Studio 9


‘Nearby I found a well preserved qasr. The word, which literally means a ‘castle’, and refers to the mainly round stone structures dotting the land where farmers kept their produce and slept on the open roof. It was in one of these structures that my grandfather Saleem and my uncle Abu Ameen camped out when they went on their sarha together.’ A man going on a sarha wanders aimlessly, not restricted by time and place. But not any excursion would qualify as a sarha. Going on a sarha implies letting go. It is a drug free high, Palestinian style’

‘Palestinian Walks: Notes on a Vanishing Landscape’ Raja Shehadeh

Early conceptual montage by Rita Adamo


Course BA (Hons) Architecture

Rita Adamo
Krassimire Dimov
Marzia Marzorati
David Nartey-Tokoli
Nevruz Sereroglu
Aodhan Toland
Dimitar Baldzhiev
Ivan Bozhilov
Simon Campbell
Aya Fibert
Samantha Horn
Derek Irwin
Luke Miles
Josh Ovenden
William Pohl
Kristina Reingoldt
Fagr Al-Afif

Naseer Arafat
Ellis Dodwell
Frank Farci
Merlin Fulcher
Shareen Elnaschie
Viktor Jak
David Knight
Miranda Maclaren
Cristina Monteiro
Rose Nag
Donagh O'Hargain
Philip Graham
Ben Pearce
Graham Pitman
Tim Rettler
Martin Waters
Omar Yousef


 Landscape strategy
Landscape Strategy Samantha Horn

Samantha Horn 

 Long section through the city
Long Section Samantha Horn

Samantha Horn 

 The residential Hawsh drawing
Residential Hawsh Drawing Samantha Horn

Samantha Horn 

 Interior perspective
Interior Perspective Samantha Horn

Samantha Horn 

 Model of the proposed RIWAQ Centre, Nablus
RIWAQ Centre Nablus Will Pohl

Will Pohl 

 The Touqan Palace Orchard Will Pohl
The Touqan Palance Orchard Will Pohl

Will Pohl 

 1:30 Section
Section Will Pohl

Will Pohl 

 Al- Qaryun Neighborhood
Al Qaryun Neighbourhood Kristina Reingoldt

Kristina Reingoldt 

 Fragment of Old city of Nablus
Fragment of Old City of Nablus Dimitar Baldzhiev

Dimitar Baldzhiev 

 The Touqan Palace tower proposal
Touqan Palace Simon Campbell

Simon Campbell 

 Restoration through casting Simon Campbell
Restoration through casting Simon Campbell

Simon Campbell 

 Textured photographic render
Textured Photographic Render Luke Miles

Luke Miles 

 Typography of Nablus
Typography of Nablus Ivan Bozhilov

Ivan Bozhilov 

 Touqan Palace Theatre and Place to Stay
Touqan Palance Ivan Bozhilov

Ivan Bozhilov 

 The London project, Whitechapel
Professional Diploma Sketching

All Students 

 A factory in a private apartment
A factory in a private apartment Marzia Marzorati

Marzia Marzorati 

Ragsh Derek Irwin

Derek Irwin 

 Joint Workshop
Joint Workshop Studio 1 and 2

Studio 1 & 2