Studio 3

Architecture of Multiple Authorship

Live Projects Studio 3 offers students to work on self-initiated projects: 2 projects, based in Liverpool and Italy, contributed to this years’ Live Projects experience. All other students have been working on the Aldgate Project.

The project has been set up for students across the disciplines of art and architecture to work together, make connections and develop inventive and new cross disciplinary projects which enable students in their year out to find other creative opportunities which conventional architecture education does not allow. The Live Projects background offered a unique opportunity to network with art, design and media students as well as real clients, stakeholders and local communities in Aldgate.

We looked at different facets of the architect’s role, the diversity of the architect’s skills that can be applied at different levels within spatial practice, and the architect’s ever changing duty of care as his/her role shifts and changes in the city.

The year started with group work, designing and building six Market Stalls for Mallon Gardens (Toynbee Hall), which became platforms for collective and interdisciplinary exchange between Studio 3 students, students from The Cass and local residents.

Students developed “Architecture of Multiple Authorships”: Through a process-oriented way of creating architecture, students engaged and collaborated very successfully with a range of people and therefore produced multiple authorships. Based on the belief that architecture does not end with the built product but starts with it, the 1:1 stalls became a vehicle that initiated and developed social and urban change.

In the context of the “super-local”, Studio 3 continued to creatively explore the use of locally sourced recycled materials to develop a contemporary design language for their “Stalls”.

For Semester 2 the work from Semester 1 was developed into larger scale architectural projects for Aldgate: 2nd years designed multidisciplinary architecture studios and 3rd years continued with Studio 3’s agenda from last year around “Edible Cities” designing a multi-purpose high rise comprising of vertical farms, community gardens, homes, workspaces, shops etc.

Section, Lional Giordano


Course BA (Hons) Architecture


 Aldgate network of people
Aldgate Network of People Relational Map

Relational Map 

 Aldgate Stalls – Panorama Overview
Aldgate Stalls Panorama Overview Pop up Hairdresser on Friday

Pop-up hairdresser on Friday 

 Aldgate Stalls – the Spinning Wheel
Aldgate Stalls The Spinning Wheel Early Morning Before Opening Times

Early morning before opening times 

 1:1 Museum Wall in Liverpool
Museum Wall in Liverpool Before the Exhibition Opening

Before the exhibition opening 

 Museum Wall (1:1 construction element), WECC, Liverpool
Museum Wall Liverpool Opening Event

Opening Event in November 2011 

 Mapping the super-local
Mapping the Super-Local Max Chapman

Max Chapman, Melite Bampili-Thymara, Hanbyearl Kim 

 The Aldgate Game
The Aldgate Game Basma Ajoor Rokhsana Bibi

Basma Ajoor, Rokhsana Bibi 

 Mapping Aldgate
Mapping Aldgate Laura Sophie Behrends

Laura-Sophie Behrends 

Section Lionel Giordano

Lionel Giordano 

 Swap Shop in Toynbee Hall
Swap Shop in Toynbee Hall Linda Daukste

Linda Daukste 

 Multi-disciplinary practice
Multi-disciplinary Practice Michela Bonomo

Michela Bonomo 

 Laura Sophie Behrends
Laura Sophie Behrends View from exhibition room

View through exhibition room 

Basma Ajoor
Ingrid Alder
Melite Bampillthymara
Laura-Sophie Behrends
Rokhsana Bibi
Matteo Blandford
Michela Bonomo
Lauren Campany
Max Chapman
Jean-Marc Don Mello
Linda Dunkste
Patricia Friman
Lionel Giordano
Hanbyearl Kim
Gabiela Landazuri
Mario Lopez
Demetris Sklyarouk
Nicolo Spina

Maria Kramer
Steve Sinclair
Alex Warnock-Smith
Robin Wilson

Liverpool Biennial
The Cass - School of Arts, Media and Design (lead by Sue Ginsburgh)
The London Metropolitan Polymers Centre (lead by Elena Onyshchenko)
Toynbee Hall, Aldgate
West Everton Community Centre, Liverpool