Drawing Symposium: Straying across narrative

About this event 

Straying across narrative, instructive, situated and reflective drawings

Chaired by Matthew Barac and Wessie Ling.

This symposium brings art, architecture and design (AAD) staff across schools to discuss their drawing practices, as seen through the hands of architects, furniture and textile designers, interior designers and artists. The discussion explores interdisciplinary commonalities, and differences, within our practice.

Speakers include Bob Barnes, Kieron Baroutchi, Marianne Forrest, Tony FrettonTommaso Gorla, Andrew HewishJames HuntingJane McAllister, Rosie McGoldrick, Matilda Moors and Sam Wingate.

Each talk will be delivered by one of the AAD subject area tutors who are part of the newly formed drawing group, with a concluding talk by Mavernie Cunningham, our new head of Art.

The aim of the symposium is to nurture a critical inclusive open forum for discussion, develop a critical position for drawing at our School of Art, Architecture and Design, and bring more interested practitioners to the group. 

Drawing Symposium Talks

Date: 04.11.22

Time: 2pm-6.15pm

Location: Wash Houses

Drawing Symposium Exhibition

Date: 04.11.22 – 11.11.22

Opening: 6.30pm

Location: Atrium

Andrew Hewish, AEOLIAN, Pastel on Bristol paper, Paper size 28.8x22.85cm


Date/time Friday 4 November 2022, 2pm - 6.15pm
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Location Wash Houses 

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