Preparation for Study

The Preparation for Study workstream is led by our Head of Student Experience and Student Outcomes, Cecile Tschirhart, and our Head of School of Human Sciences, Trushar Adatia.

The purpose of this workstream is to create a number of recommendations that will lead to the enhancement of the overall student experience, improvements in retention, and the progression of students at foundation year and Year 1 of undergraduate study (Levels 3 and 4). The workstream aims to effectively prepare students for academic study and successful outcomes by extending both induction and academic skills support.

Transitioning from a further education learning environment to higher education can be difficult for students. To respond to this, the Preparation for Study Team will particularly focus on this transition experienced by our students to help them cope with such change and experience a smoother transition.

Gaining skills in information and digital literacy is a fundamental aspect of the University experience for undergraduate students, and provides essential tools for life-long learning. Not only are these skills necessary for academic success; they are also essential for an individual to effectively participate in a digital society, and be effective in seeking, using and evaluating information needed in the workplace. This workstream will therefore ensure that all of the University's Level 3 and Level 4 curriculum incorporates Information and Digital Literacy as part of the module delivery and assessment. 

Photograph of female staff member Cecile Tschirhart and male staff member Trushar Adatia.