Curriculum Design and Delivery

The Curriculum Design and Delivery workstream is led by our Head of the Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design, Andy Stone and Head of Student Experience and Academic Outcomes, Dr Sheelagh Heugh.

This particular workstream is split into three strands that work to:

  • provide a guaranteed timetable and alternate modes of delivery,
  • design an inclusive curriculum
  • promote ‘Active Learning’ in course design and delivery

Providing a guaranteed timetable and alternate modes of delivery

The aim of this strand of PISO is to shape the new timetabling system being developed for introduction in 2018/19 to create a more inclusive, student-centred approach to timetabling practices across the University. This strand also aims to enable students to learn flexibly through different modes of course delivery, such as the online broadcasting of lectures and lecture recording.

Designing an inclusive curriculum

The aim of this PISO strand is to ensure that our curriculum is designed in a way that is inclusive.

We believe that inclusive teaching is good teaching. We are proud to be such a diverse university and we aim to ensure that our educational provision meets the needs of our diverse student body. This strand of PISO therefore focuses on incorporating inclusive teaching strategies to address equal opportunity and diversity policies.

Promoting active learning in course design and delivery

The purpose of this PISO strand is to increase our students’ engagement with their studies and their performance through strengthening the quality of teaching. The project aims to achieve this by implementing teaching techniques that allow for more of an interactive classroom experience through use of innovative technology.

This was piloted through the opening of two pilot classrooms at the Holloway campus, which were equipped with the latest teaching technology as part of the One Campus, One Community initiative, in order to test the learning experience of students in a technologically advanced learning environment.

We want to ensure that students have an enhanced classroom experience that enables them to work flexibly and interactively.

Dr Sheelagh Heugh and Andy Stone