The Cass at Calcutta House: ComCal

The first phase of the University's plan to relocate a section of The Cass from Commercial Road to Calcutta House, known as the ComCal project, is now complete.

This move has taken place as part of the project to bring The Cass together in one location. Eventually, the School will move to Holloway campus, as part of One Campus, One Community (OCOC). The second phase of this plan is the relocation of the rest of The Cass from Central House to Calcutta House in summer 2017, bringing all Cass students together under one roof for the first time in the School’s history.

Brand new facilities

3D design, interiors, visual communications, music and film courses are now based in Calcutta House. The ground floor has been stripped out to create metal and wood workshops and located in the basement are the film studios, the on-site hire shop, a digital print workshop and a finishing workshop. Eight of the studios for furniture and interiors are on the first floor including a model-making workshop. On the second floor are seven more studios which have been installed for visual communications and print, and stitch and weave studios for textiles. This floor also includes the print workshop and letterpress. Musical instrument workshops and upholstery studios can now be found on the fourth floor.

Location of rooms

Ground floor:

  • Metal workshop
  • Wood workshop
  • Bench workshop
  • Library entrance
  • Student Hub
  • Students' Union

Second floor:

  • Visual and communications studios
  • Textile workshops
  • Letterpress
  • IT suites
  • Staff offices
  • Library

Fourth floor:

  • Musical instrument workshop
  • Bench workshop
  • Upholstery studios
  • Seminar rooms
  • IT suite
  • Staff offices

First floor:

  • Furniture and product studios
  • Interiors studios
  • Model-making studio
  • Avid suite
  • Staff offices
  • Careers and Employability
  • Library

Third floor:

  • First year studios
  • Library

Fifth floor:

  • Fashion studios
  • Lecture theatre
  • Prayer room
  • Staff offices  

Find out more at The Cass at Calcutta webpage.

Image of workshop