Willy Raboteur

Accounting and Finance BA graduate Willy Raboteur came from France to live and work in London. He initially found work at UPS, a logistical company based in the UK, uploading and preloading parcels and working in customer services. The hours were unsociable, working every day from 3.30am until 7.30am while most people are still sound asleep.

In 2010 the media exposed an international security incident involving a UPS parcel delivered from London to Turkey. The media higlighted the fact that UPS had not checked a package appropriately and marked it as suspicious according to international regulations. Despite the fact that Will was on holiday in France, he was sacked over the incident along with many other manual workers who were not directly responsible for the incident.

Over the course of the next four months Will read up on his employment rights and re-assessed his position in London. With the assistance of a lawyer, he wrote a letter outlining his treatment and unfair dismissal and presented this to the company resulting in his eventual reinstatement. He also decided to further his education and applied to study at London Metropolitan University. He dropped his hours at UPS down to part-time and focused on his studies and completing his education.

How did your priorities change as you combined work and study?

“Before the incident, I was a really hard worker for the company. I would do anything management told me to do and I did jobs that were over and above my call of duty. However, after they treated me like a scapegoat, I returned to work but didn’t jump when they told me to jump. My priorities changed and I began to gain the confidence to do things for myself to improve my future. I was studying for a degree now and so this was my priority”.

Will’s hard work and motivation to study hard paid off and he graduated with a first class degree in BA Accounting and Finance. He advocates that London Met is a great place to study.

What did you find particularly useful about your degree course?

“My lecturers were so helpful. When you’re at the University and you don’t understand something just ask for their help and they will support you.” He liked the degree so much that he decided to take his studies further and secured a place at London Met to continue his studies at the business school.

Will says, “the University not only helped me to better myself and my future opportunities, but also helped me to be more sociable with people. When you work hard at a company for a long time you don’t have time to socialise with people. But when I came here I met lots of different people and it made me feel energised and happier.”

image of male student Willy Raboteur