Tomoharu Takeyama

Tomoharu Takeyama from Japan discusses his passion for sport which led him to the Sports Management BA at London Met.

What led to the decision to study sports management in London?

Sport, especially football, has always been a massive part of my life. Before coming to London, I lived abroad studying different languages whilst working for a Japanese sports management company. I discovered that football is a universal language and that sport can contribute to providing hope to all groups of society in developed countries as well as developing countries.

One of the major reasons why I choose to study BA Sports Management is to understand how sport culture, sporting events and sports in general can contribute towards our society. After graduating, I want to work for an organisation or a professional football club that will help the community they work in. 

What are the key skills you've learnt as part of your time here?

My three years of experience at London Met's Business School gave me significant skills to accomplish difficult tasks. I worked for the London Olympics 2012 as the coordinator for a Japanese broadcasting company and as a translator for international press conferences for football matches. I have also become involved with a local football club providing football training sessions, administration and marketing work. I find that working part-time alongside my course within the area that I am studying allows me to utilise the lessons that I learn in the classroom and apply them straightaway to real-life situations.

Hopefully these experiences, along with my linguistic skills will help me to expand my prospects and career opportunities within the competitive industry of sports marketing.

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of studying abroad?

I would advise anyone thinking of studying in the UK to go for it as I truly believe it will help your career and it will expand your knowledge and horizons.