Quanesha Renee Smith

Quanesha Renee Smith from the US is a very motivated and driven young lady in pursuit of her dream to work as a foreign service officer (diplomat) for the United States Government. Even at the young age of 21, Renee certainly has a very impressive portfolio of relevant work experience under her belt including internships with the Governor of the State of Florida, the British-American Chamber of Commerce, the Paris division of the United States Department of State and experience working for the State Government of Florida as programs and marketing liaison officer.

What made Renee choose London Met for a master's degree?

After visiting London one summer and taking a short one month study abroad course, Renee knew that studying for her master’s in London was something that she wanted to pursue and something that would give her great exposure to multiple cultures and nationalities, preparing her well to work with different diplomats from all over the world.

“I was drawn to London Metropolitan University not just because it offered the MA International Security Studies course that I wanted to study but also because of its location in central London and because it seemed to cater very well to the needs of international students.”

How was Renee's experience of the course?

Renee was not disappointed by her initial expectations and explains the rich and diverse learning environment of her class where she often is able to develop a deeper understanding of issues through discussions and debates with her fellow classmates from across the world. This helps her to understand different perspectives on topical issues facing many countries and will ultimately aid her to become a better diplomat. In fact, Renee is so pleased with her study experience at London Met that she has planned to continue her studies with us and complete her LLM in International Law from this September.

“I’ve always wanted to pursue a law degree and after consulting with my course tutors I have decided to take LLM International Law. I get on with my course tutors and am so grateful to have their advice and support in furthering my education.”

Image of female student Quanesha