Nick Francis

Nick Francis is an undergraduate student in the business school studying how the music business works and also a London Met student ambassador.

Nick, what does being a student ambassador at London Met involve?

Working as an ambassador for London Met has so far involved working at many of its great open events by representing the university to prospective students. It’s a great job and I would recommend it to anyone looking to join London Met. There aren’t a lot of jobs where you can work and genuinely enjoy what you’re doing, but this is certainly one. It’s a great way to keep busy, meet new people and earn money, all at the same time.

Have you been involved with any other activities around the university?

Where to start! As well as being an ambassador I am project managing a Million Makers Project which is a month-long fundraiser for The Prince’s Trust, I’m social and networking manager for London Met Entrepreneurs as well as a member of the London Met Business Society. There’s loads going on here but these are the things which interested me the most.

Why did you choose to study at London Met?

I chose to study at London Met because it was one of the few universities around London to offer the course I wanted to study, and being that London is considered very big for both its music scene and business economy, it was a no brainer that I needed to be here to study BA Music Industry Management.
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