Nathan Leiper

London Met's The Cass student Nathan Leiper discusses his project work as part of his Art and Design Extended Degree (with Foundation Year).

What characterises your projects in particular?

The two projects I am most pleased with both have a strong graphical element to them. Both use emblems and symbols that relate to the subject. In the first project I have somewhat mocked politicians and the problems they have got, such as Jeremy Corbyn’s views on the monarchy.

Did you go for a similar theme for your next project?

In the second project I have made new roundels for the London Underground. I have been able to research about the different lines and places they go to. This project has let me really experiment in visual communication, digital skills and use of different tools such as Photoshop and a drawing tablet. The longer project has let me really develop shapes, colours, patterns and designs of my own.

Image of male student Nathan Leiper