Meyrem Fadel

Meyrem Fadel, first class Honours Investment and Marketing graduate, now works at Vanet Property Asset Management. Meyrem shares her thoughts on her time at the University's business school.

What were the advantages of the course you chose?

My course at London Met was part-time, spread over four years. I was fortunate enough at the time to still keep my then current employment where I was working as a part-time Duty Manager at East London’s busy Premier Inn Docklands (Excel).

Did you receive the support you needed as a part-time student?

I have always been a big advocate of extra curricular activities. Along with other students, I was regularly sent emails and kept informed with career-related activities offered by London Met. Especially as a part-time student, it was extremely comforting at the time to know that should I have needed the support from one or more of the career-related services offered, I would have been confident to approach London Met, which I personally feel is a great feature of the University. 

How did you find the teaching?

My experience at London Met really excelled – especially in my final year, where it became very obvious to me that the University has some exceptionally great lecturers who genuinely go out of their way to advance the skills and knowledge of their students because they want to – not because they are told to.

Some of those great people I highly respect at London Met include Dr Alex Muresan and Mr Tim Cleary. Tim Cleary went out of his way to host the IBM Smarter Planet Lab and ran a series of night classes during my last semester. I was really surprised to know that this service was free! Additionally, to know that Tim went out of his way to run the Lab out of his working hours was highly commendable and a rare quality.

What did you value most about London Met's culture and location?

It was truly delightful to venture into London three to four times a week where I was able to gain a real sense of what it is like to work in one of the world's thriving capitals. To add to that, what is also great about London Met is the diversity of students and culture. During my four years at London Met I was fortunate enough to come into contact with some fantastic classmates – those of which I have acquired a great deal of respect for and still remain in good contact, despite them being halfway around the world!

During my time within the business school, the three things I valued most about my course were:

Content: My course was a joint degree and so I was initially concerned that I may have missed out on the features of a single course. However, I was thrilled when I saw my module content each semester, to find that the modules covered gave a great deal of coverage in the areas of most interest to me. Additionally, another great thing about London Met is the library access to databases for research. With tutors and lecturers always recommending further reading, there was no excuse to not know more than you should!

Tutor support: The tutor support was always great and some lecturers would go out of their way to guide you not as a teacher but more of a mentor which I found really authentic.

Classmates: Having studied a joint and part-time degree, it was always exciting to work with students from different perspectives and academic knowledge. The culture across marketing to finance sometimes seemed to be quite vast, but it was stimulating to see and experience different styles of working and I thoroughly enjoyed the combination. 

What is your current role?

I am currently employed at Vanet Property Asset Management where I am responsible for the creation and development of a strategic marketing department based on innovative KPI's and new initiatives in order to enhance brand awareness in the local area.

The many aspects of my course with London Met's business school have helped me tremendously in terms of thinking strategically about marketing management as well as measuring campaign effectiveness. The financial side of my course has also equipped me with practical knowledge on calculating return on investment with each new marketing investment. I can honestly say that the modules which have helped me at Vanet are Digital Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing, Branding, Marketing Communications, Corporate Finance and Investment Analysis.

Overall, the whole “academic” university experience at London Met equipped me with the academic knowledge and understanding to see how practitioners within the industry work. 

Photo of student Meyrem Fadel